I started this blog in August with the hopes of writing out all of my  and my family’s doings. Obviously life ended up getting in the way of my sitting down to write. So, here I am ready to try again.

There are so many choices available to you when it comes to raising your children. My biggest choice now is schooling. I know my son is only 13 months old, but this is something that takes great thought and planning in my opinion. Do you send them to school or do you home school. If you send them to school, what type of school do you send them to. If you home school, which way do you go about it. Until you dive in and start looking, you don’t realize how many choices you actually have.

My husband and I decided before Munchkin was born that we would be home schooling. Watching the news daily and seeing all the horrible things that can happen scared us. Between the possibliity of having horrible teachers, who just should not be teaching children; to the peer pressure; to the rudeness that kids seem to have developed or perhaps has always been there, I just didn’t notice it before. Then you have the standardized learning. Nothing is left open for discussion or interpretation. Children are told how and what to think. There is no room for them to form their own opinions of anything anymore. Everything is tailored to taking a test. If a child does not learn well by whatever method is being used, they are labeled with some sort of disability or as a trouble maker. So, we decided not to send our son to school.

Now comes the decision on how to home school. There are different curriculums, methods, ideas. The one that has stood out to me though is “Unschooling” or Life Learning. I do believe that this is the way my husband and I are going to go. There is no curriculum. It follows your child and wherever their interests lead. I believe this type of learning will work well for us. Connor all ready is very strong-willed and wants to follow his own path. He is independent, but does want us nearby for help when he needs it. If he is anything like my husband, which I believe he will be, a structured school environment will definitely not be the right learning path for him. My husband is very smart, but never finished high school. He had problems with school starting at the beginning in Kindergarten. He had to change schools a few times because he got kicked out. It was just not the right learning path for him.

So this is where we are now. I am researching “Unschooling”. I have joined a few online groups to lurk on and read as much as I can from the experienced and inexperienced as they make their journey through learning. I will be ordering a few books to read with my husband. Hopefully soon, we will be able to make a decision on this.

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