New addition coming soon!

I have about a month left(give or take a few weeks) in my pregnancy. It has been pretty low-key, which has been nice. Half the time I can’t remember what week into it I am. If it weren’t for the weekly e-mails telling me, I would be completely out of the loop. I’m not sure if it is due to the fact that I have a fantastic midwife and me wanting to take a laid back approach to this pregnancy or the fact that I have an incredibly active toddler to chase after. Either way, I have enjoyed the way this pregnancy has progressed. My only complaint is my lower back and butt are constantly sore, especially when I wake up in the morning. I have a hard time moving around when I first get out of bed. Once I get moving its not too bad.

I am really looking forward to having my homebirth. I have read so many birth stories and watched so many videos. I have a very positive attitude about it. I know it won’t be pain-free, but I believe I will have the ability to surrender to my body and what it needs to do. I trust my body to deliver this baby. It’s what women’s bodies were designed to do. My mother is concerned and the just the other night she was saying that she watched a show where these women were saying how they had such a hard time and were so tired and just wanted to give up. I had to stop her and tell her that she was only allowed to direct positive energy and thoughts at me regarding this birth. I told her I was fully aware that it wasn’t going to be easy, what is that is actually worth it? I am not doing this to prove something, I am doing it to be able to experience the birth and bonding with my baby as it was meant to be experienced.

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