Poor Munchkin

The poor little guy has yet another cold. He woke a few hours after going to bed last night with a very runny nose. He was very unhappy and would not go back to sleep.

Today was a fairly unhappy day, befitting of the gloomy weather outside. He was very whiny and couoldn’t make up his mind about anything. Peanut seemed to feed off of his mood and was on the cranky side as well.

Tonight Munchkin woke with a fever.  I believe in letting fevers run their course. I made sure he drank some fluids and got him back to bed to sleep it off.

Heres to hoping tomorrow is a better day.

4 thoughts on “Poor Munchkin

  1. sorry to hear about your little one. I like you am a stay at home parent. Ive been home with them for about a year and each day brings hope and hell….How can that be?

    • I understand completely. One moment is full of laughter and the next there is a complete meltdown. The laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses make all those meltdowns fade away to nothing though. 🙂

  2. Thanks Steve. Today was a little better, but the little guy has a fever again tonight. He is in bed, but has been tossing and turning and talking in his sleep. I’m hoping the fever does its job and his body will be on the road to recovery tomorrow.

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