The Grocery Store Meltdown

Today was a trying day. It started off normal. Munchkin climbing into bed at 8 for some morning snuggles, get up, get dressed, shower if the morning allows (got one this morning-yay!), get some breakfast. Get the critters fed and let the dog out. Vacuum-dang pet hair is everywhere. . . Get Peanut together-he likes to sleep in. Get some laundry going. Spend some time with the kiddos and then its time for lunch. Try and run some errands or hit up a playgroup. And somewhere in the middle hope Munchkin naps (his least favorite thing to do).

Peanut wanted to nurse for a few hours when he got up today. So that put grocery shopping plans on hold for a few hours. Not really my fav thing to do (the grocery shopping, I find nursing pleasant), let alone on a Sunday, but it had to be done. So I convinced my hubby that he wanted to take Munchkin outside to play because he insisted that Munchkin wasn’t ready to nap yet. I finished getting Peanut ready and we (Peanut, Munchkin, my sister and myself) piled into the car. My hubby doesn’t do grocery shopping. . .

Munchkin fell asleep on the way to the grocery store(mind you its less than a 15 minute ride), so we sat in the car and played Scrabble on my phone until he woke up-about 20 mins. we got Munchkin his own little shopping cart bc the grocery store has mini ones for the kids and we started our shopping. We went through produce to the deli counter, which took about 15 mins. Once at the deli, Munchkin was not happy to stay with his Aunty. He came running over insisting that I had to pick him up. So, I pick him up while wearing Peanut in the wrap. Its Sunday, so of course there is a long wait to order your stuff. I kept trying to put him down, but he wasn’t happy with that. Once we were moving again, it was ok. As we went on with our shopping Munchkin got more and more cranky and decided to stop listening. We had several small meltdowns, which led me to put Munchkin in the shopping cart and stop using the mini cart. This ensued with a HUGE meltdown. Munchkin’s too big rain boots fell off his feet. My sister tried to put them back on him, but that was completely unacceptable as only I could put his boots back on him. So this resulted in the screaming getting worse(my sister practically pees herself laughing bc she didn’t how else to react)  While all of this is going on, Peanut is crying uncontrollably bc he wants to nurse, but I can’t stop long enough to get him situated in the wrap so that I can latch him on. Ugh. Well, we had to just leave the shopping cart there and go home. There was no saving this shopping trip.

While all this was going on, people were smiling at us-knowingly, sympathetically, pitifully-who knows. I’m sure I had this horribly exhausted, exasperated, UGH! face on. :\

Once in the car and heading home everything was great. . .We got home and played outdoors for 3 hours. It went fairly well. A few minor meltdowns, but nothing that couldn’t quickly be remedied with a snuggle.

Munchkin went to bed at his regular time, about 8:30.

So I guess the day wasn’t all bad. Just that one, not so good hour at the grocery store. It really stressed me out though. I wanted to be able to let loose and get it all out too! Sometimes its hard to remember to take a breath and look at the bigger picture. It wasn’t Munchkin’s fault. It was mine and my husband’s for not making him stay home and take nap. Plus he is still dealing with this stupid cold. At least the boogies streaming down his face weren’t as profuse today.

Ah, well, I will have try grocery shopping again tomorrow.

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