Moving Day is Near

We have been trying to plan a move now for the last, at least, year and a half.  It was supposed to happen last spring and then again last summer. I would tell people we were going to be moving and then look like a complete idiot because for whatever reason it just wasn’t going to happen.

Well, I can now, finally say, that we are moving. For real! We have a reservation on a moving truck and we will be leaving Massachusetts on May 10th! We are moving to northern Mississippi. My husband has family there(on his Mother’s side) and my mom and youngest sister are in Tennessee. I haven’t seen my mom in almost 2 years. She has only seen Munchkin once when he was 6 months old and obviously hasn’t seen Peanut yet. My husband’s cousin has a huge a farm, so I can’t wait to check it out and learn from them. I really want to become self-sustaining.

I am trying to start packing, but we have limited space. Trying to find places to put the boxes where Munchkin can’t hurt himself is a bit of a challenge. I am excited about this move, but I HATE moving. Packing is such a chore. Trying to decide where to start can be daunting. *sigh* Figuring out the logisitics of how everything should fit to take up the least amount of space. . .

I also had the stress of convincng my husband that renting a truck was the better route to take. He didn’t want to spend the money on renting something. He wanted to buy a trailor to hook up to his truck and then try and resell it when we got there. I explained there would be insuring, registering, making sure it was in good, working order-i.e. breaks, lights, chains, tires, blah, blah, blah. He finally conceded.

So, we are renting space on a tractor trailer and they will drive our stuff down. My husband will be driving his truck and taking the dog with him. I will be driving my station wagon with the 2 kiddos, my sister(she is coming to help-yay!) and the 2 cats. The cats will be sharing a large crate in the back of the car as Radar can’t handle being in one by himself. He needs his sister for moral support. I will have to make frequent stops to nurse Peanut and so K(my sister) can walk with Munchkin so he can stretch his legs. I will have to rent a motel room for us at least once. My husband will be driving on ahead and says he will most likely sleep in his truck.

Those are the basic logistics of the trip. I will keep you posted on how everything is going. I am sure as we get closer, I will start to freak out a little. :p

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