With Easter coming tomorrow, I got to thinking about the good ol’ days. The days when holidays actually meant something. We’d get all dressed up and go visit family. We’d eat an amazing meal and have great conversation. My mom, my sisters and myself would head to my grandfather’s house. My grandmother and my aunt’s would be there.  We’d all get talking at the same time and end up talking over one another. The volume would progressively get louder until it sounded like there were 50 people in the room instead of just eight or nine us. The food was always delicious. My grandfather could cook! The last Easter he was able to host, he made an amazing lamb. So yummy. I remember wanting to eat more, but there was no room left.

These days, everyone does their own thing. My mom lives in TN. My sister, T, does holidays with her girlfriend’s family. My sister, K, is usually at my mom’s. My aunty does holidays with her partner’s family and we go to my husband’s parent’s house. Its quiet. We don’t dress up. It just feels like every other day. The food is still good though.

I really miss the loud, animated conversations, the great food, the laughter, the wonderful company, the late nights. I can’t wait to be really settled, so that we can start our own traditions and bring family and friends together under one roof.

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