Sleep, or lack thereof

Sleeping Peanut

Sleeping Peanut

I miss sleeping. These last few months, yes months, have been lacking in the sleep department. Not that I was getting much to begin with, but it was more than I am getting now. First it was due to packing and then the actual moving and then the settling in.

These last few weeks Peanut has been teething so his sleep is off track. He nurses frequently at night for short periods. Just to soothe himself back to sleep. I don’t fully wake up, just enough help him latch, but it is still enough that I don’t feel rested. I have been falling asleep with Peanut at nap times which is fine, but I would much rather use that time to give Munchkin some one on one time. He really needs it right now. He has been all off kilter too. He hasn’t been wanting to go to sleep at night unless he can snuggle up in the big bed with Peanut and I. He has been waking at night and needing a snuggle. This means I have to get out of the bed and climb into his bed with him until he falls back to sleep. Sometimes though,  he wakes up quietly and he climbs into bed with us. This is usually not a very graceful procedure. I have to try to guide him to the opposite side of what Peanut is sleeping on. I end up not being able to move as result of this.  I am not sure exactly what is causing his waking, but I know it will pass. We have been through this many times before.

It seems as though I get one child sleeping, doze off and then the other one wakes up. The kiddos haven’t been completely settling down until sometime between 1 and 2am. I haven’t been going to bed until 3 am because I NEED at least an hour of quiet to myself to keep my sanity. Munchkin wakes up at 7/7:30am. Despite the fact that he has room full of toys across the hall with which he could entertain himself, he finds jumping up onto the bed, crawling on top of me and saying “Hi Baby” in a very loud voice at his brother, is the best way to tackle the morning. Peanut, who has been sleeping peacefully up until this point, is now wide awake. As soon as he sees his brother, a huge smile creeps onto his face and he starts squealing happily. He loves his brother very much. It’s not the worst way to wake in the morning, although Hubby I am sure would disagree. He fights it. He refuses to get up in the morning. He tells Munchkin to go play or go back to sleep, even though those “requests” haven’t worked the past 100 times. So, hubby rolls over and pulls the covers up to his ears in an attempt to avoid the whole situation. He does remarkably well at ignoring everyone and usually ends up snoring again. . . .Grrr. This. Irritates. The. Crap. Out . Of. Me. I handle all the night-time stuff, including when we are BOTH sitting on the couch trying to watch a movie. He goes to bed a few hours before me and then gets to sleep later han me. Hmph!

You really need to check out Amber Dusick’s illustrated blog. I saw it a few nights ago and burst out laughing because it is so my life. Especially this sleeping one. (I can’t seem to make the link pretty. . . )

I can’t imagine how this would all be if we weren’t cosleeping/bed sharing. I probably wouldn’t be getting any sleep at all if I were running in between bedrooms. Hubby would surely be dreaming about cars or electronics or well, you know. . .

One thought on “Sleep, or lack thereof

  1. Hi! I hope that this doesn’t seem stalkerish, but I saw your post on mothering’s “find your tribe” and then found your blog listed in your profile. Anyway, my husband and I are both somewhat crunchy and also just moved to the area (Tupelo) from out-of-state. We also have a 2.5 year old as well as a 14-month-old son. If you want to email me, I would love to chat with you about any local resources and tips that you’ve found! Doctors, vaccines, LLL, organic foods, etc. 🙂

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