Bedtime antics

The boys and I have been staying at my mom’s house for the last week because my in-laws have been renovating the house. I’m not sure if I mentioned they had come down or not. They got here a few weeks ago. They are renovating the house because, well, it’s their house. My father in-law keeps using that toxic smelling Kilz stuff and is redoing the floors. So I decided to take the kiddos to my mom’s while he did what he had to do. It seems like he is really taking his time though. . . I really miss my husband.

Anyway, we have taken over my sister, K’s, room. She has a full size bed so we have been crashing in that. She gets the couch. (Sorry K.) I put Peanut to bed around 7:30/8:00pm. Then Munchkin goes to bed about 9:30/10pm. The late bedtime for Munchkin has really made bedtime a lot easier on all of us. Instead of taking one to two hours for Munchkin to go to sleep, it is only taking 30 – 45 minutes.

Tonight, bedtime with Munchkin was pretty funny. I had him say his goodnights to everyone and then tried to get him into the bedroom. He proceeded to run to the kitchen table and grab his snack cup in an attempt to delay bedtime. Nothing unusual. I picked him up and wrestled his snack cup away from him. He started crying of course. I tried to get him quiet while bringing him into the bedroom so that he wouldn’t wake up Peanut. Once he settled down he started saying “ow”. He always manages to come up with mysterious boo-boos when it’s time to sleep. He then started asking me to put milk on them which is very hard to do accurately in the dark. (We use breastmilk for all ailments)

This is where it gets funny. He lifted up his shirt and started putting milk on me because apparently I had mysterious boo-boos everywhere as well. I was trying really hard not to laugh and to make sure I kept saying thank you and telling him how sweet he was. I have tried explaining to him that only mamas make milkies, but he has yet to grasp that concept. He frequently tries to give his brother milkies.

After attending to my boo-boos he got real close to me, pulled his shirt up again and then tried to pull my head close. “Here, milkies.” It was soooo hard to keep my composure and politely refuse. I then suggested that maybe he could give his stuffed puppy some milkies. So he laid back and gave his puppy milkies. Then it was my turn to give his puppy milkies. This I have no problem with. One night I had to nurse 4 or 5 different stuffed animals before he was satisfied.

He then decided he was ready for some milkies. He has this little routine now where he will take a few sips and then smile up at me and then give me a huge kiss. He does this several times. It is super sweet.

Finally he had done enough that he could try to settle in for some sleep. He rolled and rolled and rolled. I had to keep adjusting the blanket for him. Next, he decided lying on top of me would the best place to sleep. He tried that for about 5 minutes. Shifting around restlessly, ruffling my hair, poking me with elbows. . . .Nope. Wasn’t gonna work. He laid back down beside me. Wrapped my arms around him and drifted off to sleep.

Miraculously and thankfully Peanut stayed sleeping through this whole ordeal.

Some nights, these antics really irritate me and I have to remind myself that I have a hard time falling asleep too. Tonight was just so funny. I am glad that I was able to enjoy it.

Bedtime for the boys

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