My kitchen obsessions: Coconut

I have a few new obsessions in the kitchen. Coconut, quinoa and stove top popcorn. I’ll give each their own separate post otherwise it may get kind of lengthy.

Let’s talk about coconut first.

I use coconut milk in place of cow’s milk for, well, everything. I don’t even buy cow’s milk anymore.  No one can tell the difference when I use it in cooking. If you have a glass of it or put it in your cereal you’ll definitely notice the flavor difference. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s much healthier for you than cow’s milk.

I use coconut oil a lot too. I have yet to try coconut butter, but it is on my list.

One of my favorite things to do with coconut oil is to add a tablespoon to my coffee or tea a few times a day.

When it is in its solid form, you can use it in place of butter on your toast.

It goes back and forth between solid and liquid depending on the temperature. It keeps for a few years. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. If you are using it in baking, make sure it is in its liquid form first. Don’t microwave though. Measure it out and then sit it in a bowl of

Coconut oil is very good for you. It has good fatty acids that your body needs. It is very easy to digest and gets your thyroid working properly and increases your metabolism so you lose weight! I’ve lost 7 lbs so far!

It’s antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial too.

You can use it on your hair as a conditioner, or massage it into your scalp to get rid of dandruff. It is great to use as a moisturizer.

Because of its high content of lauric acid it is good for your heart by way of preventing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

It’s good for your digestive tract and strengthens your immune system.

You can use it on wounds and bumps and bruises. It is also good for treating other infections such as urinary tract, pneumonia and ulcers. You can use it to treat fungal infections like thrush, ringworm or athlete’s foot. You can even use it on diaper rash. The uses for coconut oil are endless. Kind of like breastmilk! 🙂

You do have to start off taking it slowly though. Start with a few teaspoons and work your way up. It has a detoxifying effect on your body, so there can be some GI upset or headaches if you go all out all at once.

5 thoughts on “My kitchen obsessions: Coconut

  1. We love coconut oil, too!
    We use it for many things. My favorite is that it is now my face wash. The oil actually prevents my skin from getting too oily later in the day. My skin has been clearer and more balanced since switching to this… and only washing (or I call it polishing) my face at night. Even then, I don’t do it every night. I add a few drops of neroli essential oil to my face cleanser container… so I don’t smell too coconut-y. ;-P
    We also love coconut oil for popcorn and hot drinks. It is good to hear that you also have made this coconut oil discovery.

    • I haven’t tried it as a face wash, I have been using baking soda for that. I do use it as a body moisturizer. What is neroli?

      • Cool. I use a baking soda dilution as my shampoo. Neroli is an essential oil that is commonly used in perfumes… it smells like an exotic flower. 😉 I get it at my local co-op and use it with other oils or alone.

      • I use a baking soda solution for my hair too. I just started last week. I’ll have to look for Neroli. Does it have any special properties or is it just for fragrance?

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