The early bird. . . .

Early start today.

These days are not my favorite.

Munchkin crawled into bed at 5:15am.

He tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening.

He crawled back out at 6:15am.

Our living room/his playroom is right across the hall from our bedroom. We have a gate up so that he can’t get into trouble in the rest of the house. So I put Thomas on Netflix for him and gave him some cereal, his water and a blanket.

I climbed back into bed. I don’t ever sleep if he is awake though. This child always manages to get himself into mischief no matter how child-proofed stuff is. He always manages to find that one thing. . . .

I’ve just been lying here next to Peanut really wanting to go back to sleep. Really wishing Hubby would be the one to wake up at 5:15 with Munchkin for once. I can dream right?

Well, the cats are swarming and my stomach is rumbling. I am sure the dog wouldn’t protest if I fed him and let him out either. I guess I will go put the coffee on and wash the sink full of dishes that never got taken care of last night. . . .

Maybe we’ll get an early nap today.

Happy Tuesday

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