Smiley Moments

I am super excited tonight because I am watching Grey’s Anatomy season 7 on Netflix. I need to watch it as quickly as possible so that I can enjoy season 8. I am on my 4th and final episode for the night. I love this show. It makes me happy, but oh so emotional. I really get into it. It’s the little things, right? It’s almost 3:30am, so when this episode is done I am heading to bed.

It takes me so long to watch or do anything at night because Peanut wakes up quite a few times. It’s okay though. I know that before I want it to, these lovely days of little snuggly children will replaced by independent older children that won’t want to snuggle anymore. sigh.

Tonight, one of the times that Logan woke up, I went in and laid down next to him and he started making quiet, sleepy mumblings. Just random little noises and his favorite “dadadadada”. It was so sweet and sleepy with tiny yawns mixed in. It made me all smiley. Those moments. Those ones that make you smiley. Those are what make motherhood or fatherhood all worth it. They make me sigh with happiness and make me wish I could bottle them all up and put them on a shelf to display. Instead I store them away in my memories so that I can look back on them fondly when my babies are no longer babies.

What smiley moment did you enjoy today?

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