Tonight, Hubby and I were talking and he was playing with his lighter. The lighter was in his pocket.

Me: Is that a good idea?

Hubby: *shrug*

Me: You could set your balls on fire.

Hubby: I wouldn’t have to shave. (smirk)

Me: That would put a whole new meaning to the song “Great Balls of Fire” (laughing as I  say this)

Hubby: hmph (he turns and walks away)

I never get to be witty, my brain isn’t quick enough with it being tired from lack of sleep. So when I do get the oportunity to be, I totally take advantage. Hubby gets pouty and walks away and won’t talk to me. Of course he is just being silly. It’s a fun game.

2 thoughts on “Witty

    • lol. He is one of those who can dish it, but can’t take it. It’s mostly just an act though. 🙂

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