AAAAARGH!!!! *sigh*. . . .

Today. Today I want to throw my hands up. Throw in the towel. Lie down on the floor and throw a temper tantrum. Curl up in a ball under the covers and sleep. *sigh* . . . . . . I figured it would be more constructive though, if I wrote it out.

This has seriously been the longest week and a half. Munchkin started with a cold last Tuesday. It was a doozy. Friday or Saturday, Peanut started with it too (again, a doozy).  He was/is also teething again and working on walking, climbing and lots of “talking”.  I have not gotten a decent (notice I don’t say good) nights sleep in a week and a half. I am so very tired. I am so very touched out. Even at this moment, this moment that I am trying to claim as mine, Munchkin is on one side of me and Peanut is asleep on the boob. I so need an hour or two that are mine. Just me. By myself. I need to regroup. I am not the mama that my boys need me to be right now.

It has been whine, and cry and hold me and wear me and snuggle me and nurse me. I want this, no wait, I want this instead. Oh wait I changed my mind again. I need this. I NEED THIS NOW!!!!.  And of course there is hardly any sleeping going on. That only makes the cranky, crankier.

I tell Hubby that I want to sleep in or I need a break. He doesn’t get it. He can just go about his business. He can hole himself up in the office with his lunch and a movie. He can leave the house without children, whenever he wants. How is this fair. I am so burnt out right now. He doesn’t see it, understand it, I don’t know what. I don’t think I can be any more straight forward in my requests for a few minutes to regain my sanity. Maybe if he reads this (Are you reading this oh hubby of mine?) and sees actual words of my impending doom, he will understand.

I love my boys. I am grateful for my boys. I love my hubby and am grateful for him.

In all seriousness though, can I please go take a bubble bath now?

P.S. A glass of wine, some aromatherapy candles, soft music and a good book to enjoy in said bubble bath, would so get you some brownie points-hint, hint 😉

3 thoughts on “AAAAARGH!!!! *sigh*. . . .

  1. Jeff: get yourself together. Your wife is tired, overworked and not paid at all. Get your lazy self out of bed and let her rest. Sorry Amanda. I’m tired of hearing about him laying in bed and ignoring the needs of his kids and you. Amanda: Stop up late, it’d detrimental to your sleep. xoxo,

  2. I hope u get some much needed rest! ((((hugs))))
    Wish I was there to help. 😦
    Drive to moms will that help? It’s tough when thats all youve got is you. Prayers & luck for you.

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