The beagle named Lucy,

At 1:30am on December 9th 2011, there came a bark at the front door. Yes, you read that right, a bark, not a knock. I looked out and there was this adorable beagle face looking up at me. Oh boy, I thought to myself. What am I supposed to do with this little dog.
It was cold out and I felt bad. I picked her and brought her inside. I woke up Hubby, still holding the small dog under my arm. Her butt would not stop wiggling. This is our brief conversation.
“Honey. Honey.”
“mmrhrmph.. . .”
“What should I do with this dog?”
“What dog?”
“This one.”
He groggily opens an eye. “bebe gun?”
I roll my eyes,”Ummm, No.”
“Put it back outside.”
“But its cold out.”
“Maybe it’ll go home.”
Then he rolls back over.

I sigh and walk out of the bedroom. I agonized for a few moments. It really is cold out. Sawyer, however, is funny sometimes about other dogs on his turf. I can’t stay up all night watching to make sure nobody gets into an argument. Finally I grab a blanket and a bowl of dog food. I put her back out on the porch. I put her on the blanket and show her the food. I pat her head. I tell her how sorry I am to leave her outside, but it really is in everybody’s best interest. I open the door to go back inside and she is quickly on my heels trying to squeeze back into the house. Yeah, that didn’t make me feel bad at all. . . .
I got myself back in the house and quickly closed the door. Then she started scratching at the door. She certainly knew how to lay it on. Eventually she quieted down and I went to bed.

The next morning, one of the first things I did was peek out the window. There she was curled up in a ball on the frosty blanket, on the frosty porch. I opened the door, scooped her up and apologized profusely. I brought her into the kitchen and dug around in my bucket of dog leashes and collars and found one to fit her. I stuck the leash under the leg of the chair. Sawyer looked at her skeptically. She looked on hopefully.

When it wasn’t quite so early, I walked up the street with her and knocked on the neighbor’s door. They weren’t missing one of their beagles. No one else on the street owned beagles. When we got back to the house, I took her picture. I posted on Craigslist. I posted on the local humane society Facebook pages. I called local vets. Nobody was missing a beagle.
Hubby looked at her grumpily when he woke up. Really that is how he looks at everybody in the morning though. Well, actually its kind of all the time. ;p He didn’t say much though. I told him all I was doing to find her family. If that didn’t pan out, then we could find someone to take her in.
After a week or two of not being able to locate her family, I asked Hubby what he thought we should do. “Shes fine for now” was his response.
I talked about possibly sending her home with my mom when she came for Christmas. Hubby avoided the idea for a few days and then finally said that it was my fault for bringing her in and having her wiggle her butt at him. His way of saying she was staying.

I will say that we had an incredibly hard time naming her. Hubby couldn’t decide on anything. I threw so many names at him. I asked on Facebook what everyone thought. Lucy was suggested. I decided it fit. Lucy she became.
She has been with us for a month now. She is a pretty good little dog. She is good with the kids. They like to follow her around because she is more their size. Munchkin just calls her “Girl” most of the time because I had explained to him that she was a girl dog and not a boy dog. She and Sawyer get along. Occasionally she tries to chase the cats.

She is getting used to our schedule and way of doing things. She is getting used to the chaos that are Munchkin and Peanut. She has even stopped running away from the vacuum. She just kind of meanders away from it. Which is a good thing because Sawyer is blowing his coat. . . .I have to vacuum every day, sometimes twice.

She did pee by the front door once. Another time she thought one of Munchkin’s matchbox cars would make a good chew toy. All in all though she is a good little dog. She let me give her a bath and trim her nails. I have been cleaning out her right ear and putting garlic oil in it to treat a nasty ear infection. It is 95% cleared up.

That is how Lucy, the silly little beagle dog,  joined our family.

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