I <3 Bread!

We have a slight addiction with bread in our house. Especially since I have been making fresh bread instead buying it at the store. I make a fresh loaf almost daily.  Seriously, what is better than smelling bread baking every morning?

I have been making the basic recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes. So easy and so delicious! Here is the recipe. Seriously if you like bread, check it out. I just ordered the book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I can’t wait to try different bread recipes. Oh, and homemade pizza dough. Yum!

Last night I mixed up dough for a different recipe and threw it in the oven this morning. Again, so delicious! I found the recipe on Tales of a Kitchen Witch’s blog. It is for No-knead oat bread. I like this one because it is an actual loaf of bread that is easy to make sandwiches on. It got the seal of approval from Munchkin, so this will definitely be a staple.

Now to find a way to store all this bread. . .

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