Rocky’s rocky day

We had a bit of a scare with Rocky yesterday.

The dogs had been out in the yard for about a half an hour when Hubby went out for a cigarette.

The sight he saw? The dogs had Rocky. Hubby yelled at them and got them in the house. He told me what happened, I was upset, poor Rocky. Hubby finished his cigarette and I went back inside. Neither one of us had actually gone over to her yet, we just assumed she was a goner.

A few minutes later Hubby calls for me to come outside. Sigh. I walk outside and there is Rocky sitting up looking around! She had been lying there motionless for at least 5 minutes. I started walking over to her and she got up and walked into the pen to get some water. I let her get a drink and then picked her up and looked her over.

She had no wounds. No blood. She was missing a few feathers and was a little dirty, but she was okay.

We watched her closely for the rest of the day and she continued to return to her normal self.

This morning she is acting as if nothing happened.

Rocky is living up to her name. Image

As for the dogs. . . . I am not pleased with them. We had been tying Lily up because of her tendency to chase the chickens, but she had been doing much better with that. Sawyer hasn’t really bothered with the chickens since the first few days we got them. They walk around with him and hang out. So I am not really sure what spurred this.

We did have a buck here for 24 hours. Image He was in rut. (He was way too much goat for us, so he went to a better suited home.) The testosterone was high and Sawyer, who is neutered, wasn’t sure what to do with the whole situation. Maybe that got him riled up and he still hasn’t come down from it.

Speculation won’t get us anywhere though. So we will be keeping a close eye on the dogs again.

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