Night time potty learning

Munchkin has been doing really great with potty learning during the day. He has occasional accidents when he gets too caught up with playing. One day he peed in his underwear and walked by me informing me that it wasn’t his fault ;p

He has also been waking up dry from naps. We tried putting him to bed in underwear. That didn’t go so well. It resulted in a giant pee accident and him sleeping in bed with us. We then tried putting him to bed with a naked butt. He always seemed to better when he wasn’t wearing anything. It has been a success. No accidents overnight.

This morning he woke up at 6am to pee and then climbed in bed with us. He then woke again at 8:30 (he slept in this morning!) with a “I have to poop!” hehe.

Now we will have to periodically try putting underwear on him to see if he is ready.

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