A real pain in the boob

*Warning-This is a breastfeeding related post it contains information about my boobs (no pictures though) 😉

Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy!

Ugh, today I had to deal with a nipple bleb, which led to a blocked milk duct. So uncomfortable. I was almost in tears every time Peanut latched on or one of the kiddos bumped into my boob. I had been putting coconut oil on my nipple all day, but it wasn’t really doing much. If my shirt moved the wrong way. . .

I started to feel really blah and was achy. A sure sign that mastitis is on its way. I took a couple of echinacea and a couple ibuprofen. I hand expressed and used my hand pump to try to clear out the blockage. Then I jumped in the shower and ran the water as hot as I could stand and massaged the milk (I would say heck, but milk was funnier) out of my breast. I also picked at the bleb once it was soft from the water.

After the shower, I nursed Peanut and then put heat on my breast and massaged it some more.

I think I finally got it cleared. The nipple soreness is pretty much gone, I just have some residual soreness in my breast now. Hopefully that will be mostly gone when I wake up in the morning.

Plugged ducts are not fun. Luckily I don’t get them often.  I will take some more Echinacea in the morning just to be sure. It is my go to herb when I have a plugged duct. Works like a charm every time.

Oh and Munchkin was very excited to have some milky pumped for him. He stuck a straw right in the bottle and sucked it down. Then he asked for more. 🙂

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