Want to know the absolute best way to be woken up really early in the morning? Like 4:45am early?

Waking up to an incredibly bad odor.

I woke up and was sniffing all around. I checked Peanut’s diaper. Sniffed the bathroom. Where the heck was it coming from? I was still half asleep so it took a few for me to eventually venture my way out to the kitchen.

Oh yeah. There it was. I turned on the light and there was diarrhea everywhere. . . It was like projectile. On the floor, on the wall, on my curtains. . . So gross. Luckily we keep Lily tied up, but she still had six feet of lead.

The Culprit

I woke Hubby up because Peanut had woken up and followed me out to the kitchen. Plus? It was way too big of a mess for one person to tackle.

We got everything cleaned up and stuck Lily outside for the remainder of the morning. It was light out by the time we finished cleaning.

Hubby went back to bed, but Peanut was wide awake. I was getting ready to head back to bed with him at about 6:15am when Munchkin stumbled his way out of the bedroom. I tried to convince him that he wanted to go back to bed with Peanut and I and snuggle. He of course didn’t fall for my sweet talking. He told me it was light out and he was awake and he was really hungry. That is how he starts most days.

I finally got to head back to bed for a nap around 8:30am and proceeded to sleep until 11:30am. I was tired.

The rest of the day was pretty good, aside from everyone being on the tired side.

Here is to hoping we all get a full night of sleep tonight.

Have a good one all.  🙂

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