A garden update

Between the chickens, squash bugs, and some black fungus that I can’t pronounce the name of, I haven’t been able to enjoy a single yellow squash from my garden yet. . . .

Two whole plants are gone.  They were at one end of the garden. My other two are looking lovely, at the moment, thanks to the rain we are finally getting. I had to pick off a bunch of squash bug eggs and some adults I found wandering around on them. Then I had to cut off a couple of new squashes because they had that black fungus. I had to cut off another one that the chickens had started helping themselves to.

Yellow squash

Yellow squash plant

My big zucchini plant is nearing the end of its production. It’s okay though because I have another one that is just about ready to start producing.

New Zucchini plant

My tomato plants are looking great and I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of the fruit! My new plants that I started from seed are starting to get a little bigger now.

Tomatoes still wet from the rain

My pepper plants are looking quite well. I am hoping to see some peppers growing soon.

Pepper plant. Munchkin was helping.

I think I am going to plant some more cucumber plants over the next few days now that the weather is more favorable.

Oh, and my watermelon plants are looking very luscious and green, with lots of new flowers. Hoping to get some little watermelons growing. Hoping the chickens will leave them alone.

Watermelon plant

My calendula are blooming like crazy. I harvested one dead flower head so that I will have seeds for next year. Calendula seeds look bugs.

Calendula flower

One of my sunflowers opened up too! Looks lovely. 🙂



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