Peanut has started saying “No”. And seriously, it is so stinkin cute. He turns on the charm at the same time this little word pops out of his mouth. You can’t help but to crack a smile.

He has three versions of “No”.

First is the head shake. It is a full, side to side shake. His little curls fluttering in the movement. Cute!

Second is the tiny little “no” that pops out of his mouth. The emphasis is on the “N”, with a short “O”. Imagine that with a cute little half-smile and a turn on the heel.

Third is the repeating “No”. Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, he will repeat it five, six, seven times, just to make sure he was heard. This one is usually spouted while running in the other direction and with a giggle.

I know it won’t be cute forever, so I am soaking it all up now.

See! Love this face. Munchkin took this pic. He is getting quite good 🙂


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