Baby steps

Bedtime with Peanut is pretty relaxed. I either sit on the couch and nurse him to sleep or we lie in bed together and I nurse him to sleep. Or sometimes it’s a little of both. We start on the couch and then move to the bed.

Tonight, I was on the couch breastfeeding him and he started getting cranky and stretching out. This is his cue that he wants to get in bed and finish up there. I brought him in and laid down with him. Except instead of snuggling up and latching on, he rolled over onto his belly and didn’t move for a few minutes. Then he looked up at me and did a silly laugh and smiled at me and put his head back down. Then he rolled over a few times and that was it.

He was sleeping.

No nursing to sleep tonight.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Acting just like his big brother ❤


Just as I was finishing up this post, he woke up and needed some “milkies” to get back to sleep.

Baby steps.

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