Being Helpful

Munchkin has been playing a bigger part in the happenings around here.

He has been very helpful with Peanut, half of the time. Munchkin picking Logan up and walking around with him is their new favorite game. The other half of the time he still beats him up and throws toys at him and yells at him and, well, you know. A typical 3.5 yr old. They do love each other though and have many cute moments together.

He likes to help with the cooking. This is not my favorite area for him to help though as it makes cooking an even more involved process. I really need to learn to relax a little more in this area.

He likes to help vacuum and sweep and mop.

He helps with feeding the cats, dogs, goats, and chickens.

He helps with collecting eggs and bringing them into the house. He had been doing really well with it until yesterday. He decided that he needed to try to put the egg in his pocket. I kept telling him that it wasn’t a good idea. He insisted it was. Of course the egg was to big for his pocket and it fell on the floor and broke. He apologized. Hopefully he learned that we need to be more careful with eggs.

He has also started helping out with Lily. He will put her leash on her and bring her in and out of the house. She is getting better about listening to him. It is really cute watching him be firm with her when telling her to “heel” or “sit”.  

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He is growing up so fast.

How do your little ones help you?

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