Playing around

Tall Grass

Our grass grows incredibly fast. Especially in this one area of the yard. It’s not just grass though. There are an abundance of other plants too. I have yet to identify them all. We have issues mowing this spot because it is all bumps and ruts and the mower bottoms out. We have to borrow the DR mower again, soon.


Peanut playing with Willow

The rest of the yard just got mowed, so there are grass clippings everywhere that still need to be raked up. I am working on it, shush. The grass gets stuck all over the kids feet, especially first thing in the morning when everything is wet with dew. Peanut gets it all in between his toes. He doesn’t like that feeling and has to rinse his feet off.

Washing our feet


Munchkin is getting really good at throwing the frisbee. Sawyer’s favorite game is frisbee. It works out well.

The super hero pose

The throw


I started playing with a new photo editing program.

I just started messing around with color in photos yesterday.

I missed a great shot of him “sleeping” on the stump. this was cute too though.





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