Around the Homestead – Insects

This is one of Munchkin’s favorite topics 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Around the Homestead – Insects

    • Thank you! I am constantly trying to take better shots and can easily take 200 pictures in a day! Thank goodness for digital 🙂
      I am using a Sony Cyber Shot. I got it used so I am still learning about it. I had to find the manual online.
      The insects are fun to look at. They make me nervous.
      We don’t actually see the crawfish that often, but their chimneys are everywhere.

  1. Jumping spiders are very precious to me when they get in my room. I realize now after all of these years that they only go after other insects in my room and I love to keep them around the inside of my window. They get rid of all of the other bugs I dont want in the room. It was kind of funny because I kept a black one in my room for a few weeks. I even named him “Venom”. My wife did not like the idea at all that he was even in the room let alone have a name. But I tried to convince her that he had the ability to save her life. If a brown recluse was crawling on her and Venom was near by or tracked the recluse, he would strike at the recluse or at least ward it off. She tolereated Venom for about 3 weeks and then he suddenly dissapeared. When I asked what happened to him she smiled and said she did not know. I only had to get him off of the bed one time and move him back to a night stand. I did not see him after that. I loved to watch him track insects on the ceiling. He would go under the wall board all the way around the room and leave small web traps. He would go on like a bounty hunter searching for insects all night. Anyhow learn how to identify jumping spiders and allow them to live in your dwelling with you. They do not contaminate food and they help get rid of poisonous insects. The only thing they do that might disturb you is leave dead insect corpses laying around the house lol.

    • I do try to be tolerant of the jumping spiders when they appear in the house. We have had a few. As long as they stay on their side of the room, I am happy. I remember seeing one walking across the playroom window with a fly in it’s mouth. I thanked it for doing a good job 🙂

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