My Munchkin

Whew! It has been hot, hot, hot the last few days. I am very much looking forward to this weekend. The temp is supposed to be in the upper 70’s instead of the ninety’s and super humid. My mom, aunt, sisters and mother in-law all pitched in and got the boys a swing set, so I am anxious to get that get up. This weekend should be perfect. Munchkin cannot wait. He has been asking everyday if he can swing.

Being 3.5 is hard. For everybody. Munchkin’s ears don’t work very well.

We have to repeat ourselves.

We have to repeat ourselves.



“Don’t climb up there”, “Keep your hands/feet to yourself”, “If your brother is crying, it means you should stop whatever it is you are doing”, “Don’t sit on the dog”, “Get off the lawn mower, it is not a toy”, “Please stop chasing the chickens”, “Stop hissing/screaming in the cat’s face”, “Stop screaming/yelling”. The list goes on and on and on.

Our other thing is that Peanut is learning what he should and should not do. So if he does something that is a should not, Munchkin feels that he should be able to do it as well. And then Peanut does it again because despite our telling him not to, his big brother just did it, so that means he gets to. Do you see the viciousness of this circle?

On the other hand Munchkin is trying very hard to become self-sufficient. He pours his own drinks, makes his own sandwiches and bowls of cereal. He and Peanut both helped unload the dishwasher yesterday. I put Munchkin in charge of silverware. He takes his own showers, although he does still prefer the bath. We collect eggs and vegetables together. We share the responsibility of feeding the animals. He tries to take responsibility for Peanut. He looks out for him, tries to pick up after him. Like just now, Peanut was pulling all the books down. Munchkin told him to stop and very nicely asked me if I could help him for a second.

Fortunately for me, he still loves to snuggle. If we have  rough patch, we can always sit down for a snuggle to reconnect.

He is growing up physically and emotionally. Yes it is a hard journey for all involved, but I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

making a sandwich





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