Back from hiatus


I have been on hiatus, but I am back. There was just so much going on, I had no brain power left at the end of the day to form coherent thoughts.

Let’s see if I can catch you up.

I think Lily having the pups was the last I wrote about. They were a lot of work. While they were incredibly cute, I never want to do that again. . . .They tore up the yard, killed 2 chickens, were little escape artists. . . .  They all left on the transport to the north on March 15th and are happily in their new homes. They were 12 weeks and all of them were over 20 lbs! They were some big pups. Lily was a good mama to them and continued to nurse them for a few seconds here and there until 10 weeks.  Here are some pics for you:

Puppy Love

Puppy Love


026 031 120



We are now trying to place Lily in a home. She is a sweet girl, but she has killed 3 chickens. So she isn’t really a good fit here. The rescue is helping us with her too. I just took her to have her pictures done yesterday. 017


We got 2 ducks from Tractor Supply the end of February. Munchkin saw them and just had to have some. I texted hubby and he said to get, “more than one, but less than a lot” 😉 We have had them for almost 7 weeks now and they are huge. They are out in the yard and free-ranging with the rest of the crew. I am very glad they are outside. Ducks are sooooo messy. 


I also got 6 cornish rock chicks, although I think that one of them may be a different breed. She is half the size of the others.

Cornish Rocks

Cornish Rocks


Last, but not least, we got a new pup. She is a pyrenees mix. I was hoping she would be a guardian to all of our critters. Unfortunately, she has been an itchy mess and we are treating her for demodex. . . . She seems to be less itchy the last few days, so I am hoping she is on the mend. Her name is Gypsy and she is 9 weeks.

Gypsy when we first got her at 7 weeks.

Gypsy when we first got her at 7 weeks.


As of yesterday, we are ducksitting while a friend is having her baby. Munchkin is in love with the little guy. His name is Stewart.

Munchkin and Stewart

Munchkin and Stewart


Well, that is all I have time for at the moment. Write to you later 🙂

Checking out the monster truck

Checking out the monster truck



One thought on “Back from hiatus

  1. Hi, so glad to hear from you and see all the pictures. Love them. Are u on your in laws property? You never mentioned the goats and how is Isis doing? Is sawyer behaving again?
    Thanks for sharing. 😉

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