I started school last month. I know, crazy. I’ve only been out of school for, well, too many years.
Okay, okay. It’s been 15 years.
Being in school means homework, studying, writing papers. The usual stuff.
I have a paper that needs completing by next Tuesday and two tests this Thursday.
Of course this means that bedtime needs to take an excruciatingly long time tonight. I’ve been going at it for two hours now. Logan is asleep. He is generally pretty quick about it. Jeff got Connor to bed, so that wasn’t an issue. Lyla has decided that sleep isn’t really necessary tonight.
It is though. She needs to sleep so I can get some work done.
You hear that Lyla? Sleep. Please.

Also? Amazon said there would be packages today. Guess what? I did not get said packages. I am disappointed.

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