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The 4.5 year old is whining and crying because he once again has a fever and feels like crap.
The 6.5 year old is running around like a feral cat because it is time to get ready for bed.  Getting ready for bed is obviously the worst possible thing in the world and must be avoided at all costs.
The 17 month old is acting like a total goof.  She keeps trying to get the 4.5 year old to play with her, but he feels like crap and keeps screeching in response.
I love my children.  I am grateful that they are part of my life.  These moments though, the ones where it feels like I’m in the middle of a riot, overwhelm me. 
I have to take a step back and breath. 
Collect myself. 
Look at the picture from a different angle.
Start the moment over.

Or,  maybe get rescued by my husband when he walks through the door from work.  That works too.

Later tonight,  when they are all  sleeping,  I will gaze at them as they have adventures in their dreams.  Sometimes I get glimpses of those dreams when the boundary between dreamland and reality is blurred. Someone will sit up and mumble about swords,  or bring their hand to their mouth as they snack on something delicious.  I giggle thinking about it.


Tomorrow is a new day.  New discoveries.  New trials.  New inventions.  New frustrations.  The key is learning to work through it all together.  Learning to communicate effectively with one another. Someday that will happen,  maybe. 

Getting ready for bed

Our getting ready for bed routine includes bath time, which I am sure is normal for most households. In the cooler weather we let it slide here and there. These days, the boy get so sweaty and dirty, there is no way they can miss their time in the tub.

Tonight I tried to steal away into the shower. I felt exceptionally gross tonight. K was going to give the boys a bath while I got cleaned up. Peanut didn’t think that was such a great idea and managed to get himself into the bathroom and climbed into the shower fully clothed. I had turned the water on to get it ready and hadn’t even climbed in yet myself. I had to laugh. I got him undressed and he played under the water while I got myself cleaned up.

After the shower he had to brush his teeth. He tries real hard to spit in the sink. It is really cute to watch.

Then he had to sit on his potty. He isn’t actually doing anything on the potty yet. He is just familiarizing himself with it. He will come in and sit on it while one of us is using the bathroom. Of course most of the time he is fully clothed. He sits down and makes ssssssss noises because that is what I do. I tell him to sit on his potty and go pee-pee and then I make the sssssssss noise. So, that is what he thinks he has to do, lol. He insists that he needs to have a piece of toilet paper to wipe himself too. Seriously cute.


Then it was Munchkin’s turn. He decided that he would have a shower too. He insisted that he had to do all of it himself. He would not let K touch the water or help him wash up. As result, he took a cold shower, but he was so pleased that he did it all by himself. He even used K’s body wash to wash his hair. As matter of fact, it is still in his hair. . . .I’ll have to have him hop in the shower in the morning to finish rinsing it out. He so gets an “A” for effort tonight ūüôā


I nursed Peanut to sleep on the couch tonight and transferred him to the bed seamlessly. He slept through the night again last night. I wonder if he will tonight.

Munchkin is currently snuggled with K under a blanket on the couch. He is waiting for Dada to come in to help him brush his teeth and take him to bed.

I will leave you with a picture of Peanut passed out on the boy’s Spiderman couch. He took his nap there yesterday.

Nap time


What bedtime rituals do you follow?

Baby steps

Bedtime with Peanut is pretty relaxed. I either sit on the couch and nurse him to sleep or we lie in bed together and I nurse him to sleep. Or sometimes it’s a little of both. We start on the couch and then move to the bed.

Tonight, I was on the couch breastfeeding him and he started getting cranky and stretching out. This is his cue that he wants to get in bed and finish up there. I brought him in and laid down with him. Except instead of snuggling up and latching on, he rolled over onto his belly and didn’t move for a few minutes. Then he looked up at me and did a silly laugh and smiled at me and put his head back down. Then he rolled over a few times and that was it.

He was sleeping.

No nursing to sleep tonight.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Acting just like his big brother ‚̧


Just as I was finishing up this post, he woke up and needed some “milkies” to get back to sleep.

Baby steps.

Thoughts about sleep

It is amazing to me how differently the boys approach bedtime. They are complete opposites. Munchkin fights it and Peanut embraces it. I wonder if how we first approached sleep with them has some bearing. Munchkin was born in the hospital. He was taken to the nursery for those first few nights and brought in to me when he was hungry. When we got home, we swaddled him and put him in the bassinet right next to the bed. Eventually he ended up sleeping with us, but not before we tried getting him to sleep in his crib. Peanut was born at home and basically hasn’t left my side since. He has always had the security of me right there.

I know I have posted before about Munchkin’s trouble with sleep. He has fought it with every inch of his being since the day we brought him home. It didn’t/doesn’t matter what routines we employ. I guess he is afraid he will miss something important. It is getting easier (a very tiny bit at a time) as he is getting older though.

I guess I am the same way. I put off going to bed. I always have just one more thing I want to do. I remember staying up all night long during the summers. I would watch Nick at Night. I loved all those shows, Mister Ed, Patty Duke, Green Acres, etc. When we got a decent computer and an internet account(oh, dial-up days, how I don’t miss you), I would stay up and play around online. I frequented chat groups and copied anime images in my sketch pad. I also used to stay up all night baking. I tried all sorts of recipes. Cakes, cookies, meringues. . . My mom didn’t complain too much about that one ūüôā

I still stay up late. I use the time to watch my TV programs that recorded earlier in the evening. It is impossible to watch them while the boys are awake. I get prep work done for the next day’s cooking when I can. I do some cleaning or laundry. I Facebook or blog(when my brain is functioning enough to get coherent thoughts across). I try to get in some time to just decompress from the day. Sometimes I even get to spend some quiet time with Hubby. Although the past few weeks he has been going to bed early. He has been getting up at *gasp* the same time as the boys and I in the morning because he has to address the puppy’s bathroom needs.

Oh yeah, did I mention we took in another dog?


He was only about 10 weeks old and 5lbs and sitting on the side of the road ALL day. So yeah, I took him home, but with the intentions of finding him a more permanent residence elsewhere. That backfired. It was love at first sight for Hubby. He is now 4 weeks older and 6lbs heavier (Puppy, not Hubby). He still has no name though. We just keep calling him Puppy. We did however manage to find Lucy the Beagle a home. I ¬†hear she is doing well. I am waiting for pictures ūüôā

Sorry for the tangent. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

Peanut, on the other hand, loves sleep. He welcomes it with open arms. He doesn’t fight me when I pick him up to go into the bedroom. He knows that is where we are heading and starts blowing kisses to say goodnight. His sleeping habits have been a little off as of late, due to milestones and teething, but nothing like we used to deal with with Munchkin. Peanut needs time to unwind at night, but he wants to do it in the bed. I am so fine with this. It is really funny and super cute. He flops down and nurses, then jumps up and crawls around the bed giggling and making silly screeching noises. He stands up and flops himself down. If Hubby is in the bed because he is trying to get Munchkin sleeping, Peanut crawls over to him and plays games with him. Hubby tries to resist, but Peanut lays the charm and cuteness on thick and there is no resisting him. After about 20 minutes Peanut will finally lie down and nurse and fall asleep relatively quickly.

Usually we try to avoid putting the boys to bed at the same time, but sometimes it just happens that way. Tonight was one of those nights. Peanut was starting to show signs that he wanted to go to bed, so I got a diaper and pajamas ready. When I went to get him he was following Munchkin down the hall to the playroom. They started playing really well together so I let them keep at it. Munchkin started “reading” stories to Peanut. So incredibly sweet. I think they hung out together for close to half an hour. The playroom is destroyed, but they had fun and that is what matters.


The boys reading together amidst a pile of toys


Computer games : Saving our sanity

I know I may get crap for this, but we have started letting Munchkin play computer games before bed.

Life with Munchkin is not easy. He is a “sparkler”. Go, go, go. All. Day. Long. Our days are loud, intense and energy filled. He could run a marathon and still be rearing to go for another few hours. He is very stubborn. He knows what he wants and it is very hard to distract him if it is not something he should have or can have at the moment. He also in a throwing phase right now. So annoying. He has lost quite a few toys recently because he was throwing them and wouldn’t stop. *sigh*

The end of the day is the worst. It starts after dinner. He is out of control. I know it is because he is getting tired and winding down would mean he has to acknowledge the tiredness. Munchkin has always hated sleep though. Since the day he joined us. He fights it with everything he has. We’ve tried every possible thing we can come up with to make sleep an easier thing for him.

Bedtime has been all over the place. Super early, no bedtime and everything in between. We finally settled on bedtime being sometime between 9 and 10 pm. ¬†Before that, we were spending between 1 and 2 hours trying to get him to fall asleep. Now it takes less than a 1/2 hour(most nights). We watch for the subtle signs that he is finally giving in to the sleepiness and then get him ready for bed. Hubby handles Munchkin’s bedtime. I used to, but somewhere along the line, he refused to go to sleep for me.

Anyway, back to the computer games.

I have this app on my phone called Zoodles. It is a great app. I can load kid apps that are on my phone into the program and it has lots of kid friendly videos. It has a drawing feature and stories that it reads to them as well. Really fantastic. Great for grocery shopping or keeping him busy in the car or when I need a few moments to get something done around the house.

I discovered last week, that this app is also available to use on the computer. It links up to videos and online games from Nick Jr, Sprout, etc. It blocks the kiddos from getting into the rest of the computer, it blocks ads. You can set limits on time, what sites they can get to, what characters they are exposed to, etc. Again, I’ll say it, Fantastic app.

We’ve started letting Munchkin play the games when I bring Peanut to bed.

He LOVES being able to use the computer. He LOVES being in control of what games he wants to play and what videos he wants to watch. WE love that he stays completely focused. He is quiet and relaxed. I know they say no TV or computers, etc for an hour or two before bed for better sleep, but he does so much better being able to play these games. He even turns it off fairly easily(for a 3 yr old) if we give enough time to prepare. I start telling him about 10 minutes before we need him to turn  it off and get ready for bed.

We don’t just leave him to it. We are nearby and talk to him about the games and what he is learning (the majority of the games are educational). Sometimes he asks for help figuring out how to play a new game. He likes to take turns playing as well. So we aren’t using it as a babysitter. It is just nice to have our evenings a little bit quieter.

What things do you do to help your kiddos wind down at night?

Bedtime antics

The boys and I¬†have been staying at my mom’s house for the last week because my in-laws have been renovating the house. I’m not sure if I mentioned they had come down or not. They got here a few weeks ago. They are renovating the house because, well, it’s their house. My father in-law¬†keeps using that toxic smelling Kilz¬†stuff and is redoing the floors.¬†So I decided to take the kiddos to my mom’s while he did what he had to do. It seems like he is really taking his time though. . . I really miss my husband.

Anyway, we have taken over my sister, K’s, room. She has a full size bed so we have been crashing in that. She gets the couch. (Sorry K.) I put Peanut to bed around 7:30/8:00pm. Then Munchkin goes to bed about 9:30/10pm. The late bedtime for Munchkin has really made bedtime a lot easier on all of us. Instead of taking one to two hours for Munchkin to go to sleep, it is only taking 30 – 45 minutes.

Tonight, bedtime with Munchkin was pretty funny. I had him say his goodnights¬†to everyone and then tried to get him into the bedroom. He proceeded to run to the kitchen table and grab his snack cup in an attempt to delay bedtime. Nothing unusual. I picked him up and wrestled his snack cup away from him. He started crying of course. I tried to get him quiet while bringing him into the bedroom so that he wouldn’t wake up Peanut. Once he settled down he started saying “ow”. He always¬†manages to come up with mysterious boo-boos when it’s time to sleep. He then started asking me to put milk on them which is very hard to do accurately¬†in the dark. (We use breastmilk for all ailments)

This is where it gets funny. He lifted up his shirt and started putting milk on me because apparently I had mysterious boo-boos everywhere as well. I was trying really hard not to laugh and to make sure I kept saying thank you and telling him how sweet he was. I have tried explaining to him that only mamas make milkies, but he has yet to grasp that concept. He frequently tries to give his brother milkies.

After attending¬†to my boo-boos he got real close to me, pulled his shirt¬†up again¬†and then tried to pull my head close. “Here, milkies.” It was soooo¬†hard to keep my composure and politely¬†refuse. I then suggested that maybe he could give his stuffed puppy some milkies. So he laid back and gave his puppy milkies. Then it was my turn to give his puppy milkies. This I have no problem with. One night I had to nurse 4 or 5 different stuffed animals before he was satisfied.

He then decided he was ready for some milkies. He has this little routine now where he will take a few sips and then smile up at me and then give me a huge kiss. He does this several times. It is super sweet.

Finally he had done enough that he could try to settle in for some sleep. He rolled and rolled and rolled. I had to keep adjusting the blanket for him. Next, he decided lying on top of me would the best place to sleep. He tried that for about 5 minutes. Shifting around restlessly, ruffling my hair, poking me with elbows. . . .Nope. Wasn’t gonna work. He laid back down beside me. Wrapped my arms around him and drifted off to sleep.

Miraculously and thankfully Peanut stayed sleeping through this whole ordeal.

Some nights, these antics really irritate me and I have to remind myself that I have a hard time falling asleep too. Tonight was just so funny. I am glad that I was able to enjoy it.

Bedtime for the boys