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Lily Update #2 – Dealing with Parvo

I think we can officially say that Lily has kicked Parvo’s butt!

It has been five days since she was diagnosed and started treatment, and seven days since she started showing symptoms. She is super active and keeps trying to get Sawyer, the cats, Hazel, and us to play with her. She was very sad the last two nights when we left her home while we all went for a walk. The cats didn’t go, but yes, Hazel goes for walks with us. She walks better on a leash than the dogs do, hehe.

We had to exchange Lily’s lactated ringers with the vitamin C and B for plain lactated ringers late Friday because she developed sores in her mouth. The vet felt it was a reaction to the vitamin C. She got 300mls of IV fluids daily(slowly, over the course of the day) Thursday through Saturday. I pulled her catheter on Sunday morning because she had gone 36 hours without vomiting and was eating food.

I tried starting her off with a scrambled egg, but she wasn’t interested. A little later I offered her a raw egg and she gobbled that right up. It was an egg fresh from our chickens that morning. I don’t think I would have done that with store-bought eggs. Later that day I boiled some chicken for her and kept feeding her little bits of that with some of the broth from cooking it. She has been eating boiled chicken for the last few days now. I cooked up some jasmine rice this morning Β to add to the chicken to give her a little bulk to her meals.

Yesterday I added probiotics to her regiment of medications. I will give her the probiotics for the next week to help replenish the good bacteria in her GI system. Today is her last day for the antibiotic injections. I will continue the Colloidal Silver for another few days. The dose I found is 1ml per 20 lbs, twice daily.

Now we are just waiting for her poos to return to normal. She had one semi-solid poo last night. πŸ™‚

I will leave you with this cute pic of Lily and Hazel that I took just before she was diagnosed with Parvo.

Lily Update – Dealing with Parvo

Lily hooked up to her IV

Lily was diagnosed with Parvo Thursday night. The vet put in an IV catheter and we took her home to give her IV fluids and antibiotic injections. I also started giving her colloidal silver.

Last night, she was still vomiting intermittently and having diarrhea.

This morning, we woke to find no vomit, yay! Not sure how the other end is doing yet. Lily is very perky. She wants desperately to go outside and play with Sawyer, Hazel, and the boys. She is drinking little bits of water and even ate a bite of the scrambled egg I made her with a little coaxing from Hubby. Β πŸ™‚

Keep sending positive, healing thoughts Lily’s way! ❀

A little catch up.

Wow, it’s certainly been a while since I blogged. The days and weeks just get away from me. The kiddos definitely keep me busy.

Peanut now has two teeth. They cut through about a week and a half ago. He had a huge fever and a stomach bug at the same time as those teeth cutting through. We spent four days in bed sleeping and nursing. Now he is trying to cut some more.Β  Crawling is also on his agenda. He is kind of going at it half heartedly because he would much rather be walking. He is pulling himself up on what ever and who ever he can get a good hold on.

Munchkin has been cruising around on his tryke. He is an expert peddler. We have a cement front porch that he races up and down and cuts turns close to the edge. He even puts his foot down and does a daring 2 wheeled turn on one end of the porch. . . Needless to say, I bought him a helmet. He really doesn’t want to wear it. I am trying to make it cool and exciting. I let him pick it out. He caught himself a cold and came down with a fever two nights ago. I have been loading him up with elderberry syrup and colloidal silver. hopefully these things will help him kick it in the butt. I’ve been taking them too so that I can avoid getting sick.

I guess that’s all I have tonight. My brain is tired. I come up with all these great ideas for posts while I am lying in the bed trying to get Peanut to sleep. It seems that once I think them through I lose them. . . Maybe I should stop thinking so much. HA, that’ll happen! πŸ™‚