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Rocky’s rocky day

We had a bit of a scare with Rocky yesterday.

The dogs had been out in the yard for about a half an hour when Hubby went out for a cigarette.

The sight he saw? The dogs had Rocky. Hubby yelled at them and got them in the house. He told me what happened, I was upset, poor Rocky. Hubby finished his cigarette and I went back inside. Neither one of us had actually gone over to her yet, we just assumed she was a goner.

A few minutes later Hubby calls for me to come outside. Sigh. I walk outside and there is Rocky sitting up looking around! She had been lying there motionless for at least 5 minutes. I started walking over to her and she got up and walked into the pen to get some water. I let her get a drink and then picked her up and looked her over.

She had no wounds. No blood. She was missing a few feathers and was a little dirty, but she was okay.

We watched her closely for the rest of the day and she continued to return to her normal self.

This morning she is acting as if nothing happened.

Rocky is living up to her name. Image

As for the dogs. . . . I am not pleased with them. We had been tying Lily up because of her tendency to chase the chickens, but she had been doing much better with that. Sawyer hasn’t really bothered with the chickens since the first few days we got them. They walk around with him and hang out. So I am not really sure what spurred this.

We did have a buck here for 24 hours. Image He was in rut. (He was way too much goat for us, so he went to a better suited home.) The testosterone was high and Sawyer, who is neutered, wasn’t sure what to do with the whole situation. Maybe that got him riled up and he still hasn’t come down from it.

Speculation won’t get us anywhere though. So we will be keeping a close eye on the dogs again.

The last 7 days. . . .

This last week has been a rough one for us.

Last Thursday The Triplets of Bellville (our chickens) were reduced down to two. One of them got out and Blue, the beagle mix, killed her. We resolved that we would bring Blue to the shelter after the incident. He had been chasing the cats and they wouldn’t leave the bedroom, so this was the last straw.

Hubby and I were in the garden later that day and discussing visiting the local Amish to get another chicken  or two when  one of our neighbors pulled up. She asked if we wanted a couple of chickens! Funny how things work out sometimes. So we have two new baby chickens, I believe they are about 3 months old. One is a Barred Rock and the other is a Buff Orpington.

Buffy and Rocky

Friday morning came. It started with Verbal being hit by a car. Hubby had taken the dogs out and Verbal wandered out to the road. Hubby was trying to call him back and witnessed the whole thing. He was devastated.

Later that day I brought Blue to the shelter because it still needed to happen.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. Up until Tuesday evening that is. Lily wouldn’t eat dinner. The next morning (yesterday/Wednesday), she wouldn’t eat breakfast and she started vomiting and having diarrhea. She ate a tablespoon of food, but that was it. Hubby was concerned and jumped online and came up with Parvo. I was denial. I told him no way it was Parvo. I’d seen Parvo when I was vet tech.  This morning, still vomiting and diarrhea and not eating. Called the vet at 9am and they gave us an afternoon appointment. Brought her to the vet this afternoon and she was diagnosed with Parvo. . . .*sigh* The vet agreed to put in an IV catheter and to let me do her treatments at home. She is getting IV lactated ringers with vitamin C and B12 added. Plus injections of Penicillin  and Oxytetracycline. I am also giving her Colloidal Silver for good measure. Poor little girl. We need lots of positive thoughts that she will pull through. Hubby won’t be able to handle losing her too.

Critters- a pet post

These are all of our pets. Ones that are actually ours and ones that are up for adoption or have been adopted. We keep having stray dogs show up at our house. . .

Thoughts about sleep

It is amazing to me how differently the boys approach bedtime. They are complete opposites. Munchkin fights it and Peanut embraces it. I wonder if how we first approached sleep with them has some bearing. Munchkin was born in the hospital. He was taken to the nursery for those first few nights and brought in to me when he was hungry. When we got home, we swaddled him and put him in the bassinet right next to the bed. Eventually he ended up sleeping with us, but not before we tried getting him to sleep in his crib. Peanut was born at home and basically hasn’t left my side since. He has always had the security of me right there.

I know I have posted before about Munchkin’s trouble with sleep. He has fought it with every inch of his being since the day we brought him home. It didn’t/doesn’t matter what routines we employ. I guess he is afraid he will miss something important. It is getting easier (a very tiny bit at a time) as he is getting older though.

I guess I am the same way. I put off going to bed. I always have just one more thing I want to do. I remember staying up all night long during the summers. I would watch Nick at Night. I loved all those shows, Mister Ed, Patty Duke, Green Acres, etc. When we got a decent computer and an internet account(oh, dial-up days, how I don’t miss you), I would stay up and play around online. I frequented chat groups and copied anime images in my sketch pad. I also used to stay up all night baking. I tried all sorts of recipes. Cakes, cookies, meringues. . . My mom didn’t complain too much about that one 🙂

I still stay up late. I use the time to watch my TV programs that recorded earlier in the evening. It is impossible to watch them while the boys are awake. I get prep work done for the next day’s cooking when I can. I do some cleaning or laundry. I Facebook or blog(when my brain is functioning enough to get coherent thoughts across). I try to get in some time to just decompress from the day. Sometimes I even get to spend some quiet time with Hubby. Although the past few weeks he has been going to bed early. He has been getting up at *gasp* the same time as the boys and I in the morning because he has to address the puppy’s bathroom needs.

Oh yeah, did I mention we took in another dog?


He was only about 10 weeks old and 5lbs and sitting on the side of the road ALL day. So yeah, I took him home, but with the intentions of finding him a more permanent residence elsewhere. That backfired. It was love at first sight for Hubby. He is now 4 weeks older and 6lbs heavier (Puppy, not Hubby). He still has no name though. We just keep calling him Puppy. We did however manage to find Lucy the Beagle a home. I  hear she is doing well. I am waiting for pictures 🙂

Sorry for the tangent. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

Peanut, on the other hand, loves sleep. He welcomes it with open arms. He doesn’t fight me when I pick him up to go into the bedroom. He knows that is where we are heading and starts blowing kisses to say goodnight. His sleeping habits have been a little off as of late, due to milestones and teething, but nothing like we used to deal with with Munchkin. Peanut needs time to unwind at night, but he wants to do it in the bed. I am so fine with this. It is really funny and super cute. He flops down and nurses, then jumps up and crawls around the bed giggling and making silly screeching noises. He stands up and flops himself down. If Hubby is in the bed because he is trying to get Munchkin sleeping, Peanut crawls over to him and plays games with him. Hubby tries to resist, but Peanut lays the charm and cuteness on thick and there is no resisting him. After about 20 minutes Peanut will finally lie down and nurse and fall asleep relatively quickly.

Usually we try to avoid putting the boys to bed at the same time, but sometimes it just happens that way. Tonight was one of those nights. Peanut was starting to show signs that he wanted to go to bed, so I got a diaper and pajamas ready. When I went to get him he was following Munchkin down the hall to the playroom. They started playing really well together so I let them keep at it. Munchkin started “reading” stories to Peanut. So incredibly sweet. I think they hung out together for close to half an hour. The playroom is destroyed, but they had fun and that is what matters.


The boys reading together amidst a pile of toys


Enjoying the evening

I am sitting out on the porch right now enjoying the remnants of a thunderstorm. It had been warm, muggy and partly cloudy all day. There was a very nice breeze. I was waiting for this storm to hit. I love thunderstorms. I love the rumbling thunder and big flashes of lightning that make my heart jump. The sound of the rain and the wind blowing through the leaves is so soothing. The sounds all balance each other out. A symphony performed by mother nature, complete with a light show.

Ahh. It’s nice to be able to relax a little tonight. Peanut has woken up twice already, so hopefully he will stay sleeping long enough for me to be able to enjoy the evening for a bit. Hubby is getting Munchkin to sleep now and may very well fall asleep himself. He was pretty tired this evening. My plan is to be asleep before 3am. I have gotten myself on a really bad schedule. It all stemmed from all of us being sick with an awful cold/flu virus. Sore throat, fever, achey-even our skin hurt, stuffiness, coughing . . . No fun at all. It was rather annoying having to be up at all hours of the night because the kiddos couldn’t sleep. I’ll never understand that. When I am sick, I just want to stay in bed and sleep the sick away. Kids are the exact opposite. We just have lingering stuffiness and coughing now, but definitely feeling much, much better.

The last 4 or 5 days I have been taking a walk, with at least Peanut, down the street. I have been walking down the street equiped with dog food and dog cookies because someone decided it would be a great place to leave a couple of dogs. They are rather cute. One is a black shepherdy looking boy and the other is a terrier mix, also a boy. I figure the are somewhere between 6 and 12 months. They won’t let us get too close yet. They are holding out hope waiting for whoever left them, to return. So, I bring food, hoping they will trust me enough to follow me back home so we can figure out what to do with them. We don’t want them to get hit by a car or attacked by some wild animal. Poor things must be extra nervous tonight with the storms. At least they have each other.

Munchkin’s vocabulary has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. He cracks us up. I need to start writing it down so that I can share. My brain has been swiss cheese due to  the lack of sleep, so I can’t remember the hilarious things he says. . . sigh. He does song requests. Tonight it was Twinkle Little Star, except I thought he had said chicken salald at first. lol He tells us to be careful and yells I love yous at random people. He is really funny. I promise I will share the hilarious things he says.

Peanut has been belly crawling for a few weeks now. He has gotten quite good at it. He really doesn’t want to crawl though. He wants to be walking. He tries his darndest to pull himself up on whoever or whatever is near by. His favorite is to pull himself to standing while in the bathtub at night. This is not my favorite. . .  He does lots of talking. Lots of dadadadada. Today he finally said mamamama though! Yay! He loves food. He will eat anything. We don’t do baby food or cereal. He eats some of whatever we are eating. We did this with Munchkin too. Works out great and you save a ton of money 🙂 He is still breastfeeding like a champ. He is already starting to wiggle himself into strange positions while nursing. It is hilarious, but at the same time rather uncomfortable for my poor breasts.

I will leave you with some pics that I took tonight. Munchkin wasn’t really feeling photogenic, but Peanut was all for it.

Me time

Last night once the kiddos were asleep, I took a few minutes for me. It’s not something I do often, besides the 20 minutes I insist on every other day so that I can shower. I know, you’re thinking how gross.

We had all been out on the porch earlier in the evening enjoying a thunderstorm and there were still some remnants or perhaps an entirely different storm lingering. I love weather. It amazes me how beautiful and at the same time, frightening Mother Nature can be. At one point, more specifically when Twister came out, I thought it would be wicked cool to be a storm chaser. Obviously that never came about, but I do enjoy sitting outside during a storm. I hope to set an example with the boys so that they aren’t frightened of storms. I want them to have a healthy respect for them, but I don’t want them to cower under the covers like I did as a kid.

So, I went outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of the evening. I didn’t even bring the baby monitor with me! I figured Hubby was inside still and he could handle it for a little bit. Anyhow,  I thought I would share my account of the evening with you.

I walked outside into the twilight and was instantly blanketed in the warmth of the night. The sky was covered in clouds, but still had a dark blue hue. Flashes of colorful lightning lit across the sky intermittently. The fireflies flitted about happily, flashing their little lights to invite the others to join them in the night. Bats swooped this way and that feasting on the infinite supply of insects. The trees swayed gently in the breeze that squeezed its way through their branches. Rolls of thunder rumbled overhead. Left over rain still trickled down the gutters. The night was filled with the sounds of frogs, toads, insects and the occasional bird. A great symphony of night-time noises.

I stood there with my warm cup of coffee soaking it all in. I love the night. It is so loud, yet so peaceful.

How’s that for descriptive? 🙂

I decided I wanted to try to get pictures of the lightning. Amidst the flashes of color were actual bolts of lightning. I went in and got the camera and when I came out the neighbors two boxers were standing there. . . They aren’t bad dogs, just slightly annoying. They come onto our property and urinate on everything. The urine isn’t so bad, I can just hose off what they lift their legs on. What really bothers me is the steaming piles of poo they leave scattered about. I love to be barefoot and so does Munchkin. We don’t need to stumble upon a pile of poo with naked feet. Our dog doesn’t even poo in the yard, he goes off into the woods and does his business. So I walked them out of the yard because I wasn’t feeling particularly menacing. My shoos didn’t do much but make the white one think I was playing with him. He leapt and bounded around me as we walked down the driveway.

When we reached the end, I realized it was a much better place to try to get pictures of lightning. There is a huge open field across the street, duh. My brain doesn’t function well these days, lol.

Here are the pictures I got. Next time I will plan better and bring the tripod with me so that they aren’t shaky. Oh, and some bug spray. . .