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My Munchkin

Whew! It has been hot, hot, hot the last few days. I am very much looking forward to this weekend. The temp is supposed to be in the upper 70’s instead of the ninety’s and super humid. My mom, aunt, sisters and mother in-law all pitched in and got the boys a swing set, so I am anxious to get that get up. This weekend should be perfect. Munchkin cannot wait. He has been asking everyday if he can swing.

Being 3.5 is hard. For everybody. Munchkin’s ears don’t work very well.

We have to repeat ourselves.

We have to repeat ourselves.



“Don’t climb up there”, “Keep your hands/feet to yourself”, “If your brother is crying, it means you should stop whatever it is you are doing”, “Don’t sit on the dog”, “Get off the lawn mower, it is not a toy”, “Please stop chasing the chickens”, “Stop hissing/screaming in the cat’s face”, “Stop screaming/yelling”. The list goes on and on and on.

Our other thing is that Peanut is learning what he should and should not do. So if he does something that is a should not, Munchkin feels that he should be able to do it as well. And then Peanut does it again because despite our telling him not to, his big brother just did it, so that means he gets to. Do you see the viciousness of this circle?

On the other hand Munchkin is trying very hard to become self-sufficient. He pours his own drinks, makes his own sandwiches and bowls of cereal. He and Peanut both helped unload the dishwasher yesterday. I put Munchkin in charge of silverware. He takes his own showers, although he does still prefer the bath. We collect eggs and vegetables together. We share the responsibility of feeding the animals. He tries to take responsibility for Peanut. He looks out for him, tries to pick up after him. Like just now, Peanut was pulling all the books down. Munchkin told him to stop and very nicely asked me if I could help him for a second.

Fortunately for me, he still loves to snuggle. If we have  rough patch, we can always sit down for a snuggle to reconnect.

He is growing up physically and emotionally. Yes it is a hard journey for all involved, but I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

making a sandwich





Growing up is hard to do

The boys are getting older. They are growing up. It is fun to see all the changes happening, but also makes me sad at the same time. My babies aren’t quite babies anymore.


Peanut is trying out new words. He says “Thank you” quite frequently and just this morning tried out “You’re welcome”.  He says “uh, oh” and “here you go”. He says “what” and the infamous “No”.

He had me help him say “belly button” this morning too. So cute. He says “mama” and “dada” of course.

He doesn’t say dog or cat, but he says “chicken” . He is obsessed with them.

He runs. Is working on jumping. Spins in circles. Climbs on everything. The climbing is rough. Nothing is sacred. 😉

And of course he wants to do everything his big brother does.

He is so silly. And perpetually dirty these days.



Being 3.5 is a very hard age. No longer a toddler, but not quite a preschooler. Kind of like being a pre-teen.

He has so many words, but doesn’t always know how to use them.

He knows all his shapes and colors. He can sing his ABC’s almost perfectly. He is recognizing his numbers.

He wants to do everything himself. Which is great, but not always feasible.

And of course he wants to do everything his little brother does.



Yes. Oh the digressions. We have to remind him that he is a big boy and does in fact know how to do certain things. Like getting dressed and using the potty. Or telling us he needs something. He will resort to pointing and saying “uh uh uh”. We remind him to use his words because he does have them.

Yes, he is officially using the potty full time! He has a few accidents here and there, but I am so very proud of him. 🙂

He wants to be just like us grown ups too. He wants to sit in the front seat of the car. He wants to mow the lawn, He wants to wash the dishes and vacuum. We let him help out where we can.

See what I mean though. He is stuck in that in-between area.

Making faces

Baby steps

Bedtime with Peanut is pretty relaxed. I either sit on the couch and nurse him to sleep or we lie in bed together and I nurse him to sleep. Or sometimes it’s a little of both. We start on the couch and then move to the bed.

Tonight, I was on the couch breastfeeding him and he started getting cranky and stretching out. This is his cue that he wants to get in bed and finish up there. I brought him in and laid down with him. Except instead of snuggling up and latching on, he rolled over onto his belly and didn’t move for a few minutes. Then he looked up at me and did a silly laugh and smiled at me and put his head back down. Then he rolled over a few times and that was it.

He was sleeping.

No nursing to sleep tonight.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Acting just like his big brother ❤


Just as I was finishing up this post, he woke up and needed some “milkies” to get back to sleep.

Baby steps.