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A shave and a haircut (minus the shave)

Munchkin doesn’t like it when his hair gets long now. It gets in his eyes and irritates him, understandable.

So, I cut his hairs.  It always makes me a little sad to cut his hair. And a little frustrated as he has a really hard time sitting still. He is only 3.5 , I don’t really expect him to, but asking me every 2 minutes if he can get down now is kind of annoying.

The cut is never perfect, due to trying to hit a moving target, but I don’t think I do too bad a job 🙂

Munchkin’s hair cut


Do you cut your kid’s hair or do you bring them somewhere?



Munchkin’s first professional haircut

Today I went with K and the kiddos to get my haircut. When I sat down to get my hair washed Munchkin came running over to see what was going on. He was very intrigued and at first tried to help. Then he decided he wanted to get his hair washed too. He climbed up in the chair at the sink next to me and got himself in the position and waited. It was very cute. I figured, sure, why not. I told the woman he could a hair cut too. He loved the whole experienced and was so good for it.

Here are some pics. They were taken with K’s Blackberry, so they aren’t the best quality, but still cute.