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The Move to Mississippi

Its been a while since my last post, but things were crazy with the move and trying to get organized.

It took us three days to get from Massachusetts to Mississippi. It went as well as could be expected. We drove until 2am each day. Munchkin broke the portable DVD player. I was upset by this because it meant there was no distraction for him. We got it from a very nice family on Freecycle, so at least we hadn’t paid for it. Munchkin kept sticking his foot in Peanut’s face. We resorted to taking his shoes off when we put them in the car and then he would proceed to remove his socks. At one point we heard him say “Aaaaawwww” and looked back to see him sticking his toes in Peanut’s mouth. K told him it was not cute, so stop saying aaawww. I realized he was actually saying aaaaahhh, as in open wide. I told K this and she just about peed herself laughing.

We stopped pretty much every 2 -3 hours. Between us needing bathroom breaks, gas, diaper changes, Peanut needing to nurse and Munchkin needing to get out of the car before he drove us all crazy, the stops ended up lasting almost an hour. . . It felt like we would never reach Mississippi.

On the first night, we stayed at a Motel 6 in Pennsylvania. It was kind of sketchy. The only thing it had going for it was an LCD TV, not the we watched it. The room was really small and we did NOT shower. . . The second night, for only $10 more, we stayed at a Comfort Inn. It was soooo nice. Very clean, we showered. There were lots of drawers and doors for Munchkin to play with. They didn’t mind the dog and cats. If I have to stay at a hotel again, I would definitely stay at a Comfort Inn again.

Each night when we got to the motel/hotel, Munchkin would be passed out cold. As soon as we laid him down though his eyes would pop open. He’d sleepily look around, realize we were someplace strange and hop out of bed to explore and run around like a crazy person. Hubby would get irritated and tell him in his grumpy voice to get back in bed. It landed on deaf ears though as Munchkin continued running around and jumping on the beds and laughing hysterically. I had to tell hubby that he needed to give Munchkin a few moments to get out his sillyness because he had just spent over 12 hours traveling. He’d grumble and stalk into the bathroom.

The dog and the cats did very well considering all the commotion and strangeness. The cats stayed fairly quiet in the car. I know having them in the same crate together really made a difference. Once we got them in the room, they would walk out of the crate, explore and then find a place to settle for the night once we were all in bed. The dog shook and drooled for the first few hours of the trip. He used to get car sick all the time, so this was a big step. After that though, he did totally fine and jump in and out hubby’s truck nonchalantly. We had brought a bed for him, so we would lay that down for him in the room so that he had a spot that was his.

When we finally reached the house in Mississippi, it was 2am. After unpacking the cars, blowing up the air mattresses and getting the kiddos changed and settled, it was 3am.  It was really nice to know that come morning we weren’t going to have to pack the car back up and drive some more.  It was probably around 9am when the kiddos woke up. Munchkin ran all over and explored the house, loving the fact that his already loud voice echoed through the rooms. The critters seemed pleased with the house as well.

We drove down to McDonalds so that we could use the wi-fi and get some food. This ended up being the routine for about a week while we got unpacked and waited for AT&T and Direct TV to install our services. We ran into issues with the moving company. Our bank wouldn’t release the funds because it was such a large amount. . . Thank goodness for my mother-in-law. She put the charges on her credit card and then we wrote her a check. If she hadn’t helped us out, our stuff wouldn’t have been delivered until Wednesday(it was currently Friday)! There was no way we could have dealt with that. Around 5 that evening we finally got our stuff. All I wanted was to get our bed off the truck, but of course it started raining. One more night on the air mattresses. Over the next few days, one of hubby’s cousins came over and helped with the unpacking. My father-in-law also arrived because he had some stuff to bring down. He helped unload the heavy items.

So, here we are a month later and still trying to unpack and organize. This is not an easy task when you have 2 small children who need your attention. I wanted to do some exploring of the area. I had to bring K back up to Tennessee to my mom’s and stayed there for a few days. She was soooo excited, but I think she and her husband were worn out when we left. 🙂 I attended my first Mississippi La Leche League meeting too and met some great mamas. Needless to say, there has been a lot going on. I know it will all get unpacked eventually, but I wish it would be sooner rather than later.

Anyways, that was our move in a nutshell. Not too bad, but definitely not something I want to do again anytime soon!

Some trees on our property

Choices. . .and stuff

I figured since I have a little time, Munchkin is napping and Peanut is nursing sleepily, I would write.

I have been thinking a lot about choices. There are easy choices, like what do I want to wear today; And there are hard choices, like the one to  make this move. Everything we do is all about a choice and that choice leads to another and so on. That is what makes choosing so complicated. You always have to be thinking ahead to what the next choice will be.

Something seemingly simple like dinner can get quite complicated. What should I make? How long will it take to prep and cook it. Will everyone like it? Do I even have everything to make it? After this process do I even have the motivation left to make it? :p

This move was a really big choice. I am starting to freak out a little about it. All the severe weather in the south isn’t really helping that either. (My heart goes out to all those who have lost their homes and loved ones.) Is this really the right choice for us? I have believed it is for some time now. I feel like we have been stuck in a rut. My husband needs a career change. I want to feel like I have a purpose. I mean I do with raising my babies, but I want to provide more for my family. I really want to learn to be more self-sustaining. I want to have a garden and grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I want to raise chickens for eggs and possibly for eating. Goats would be great too. We could have fresh milk and maybe I could learn to make butter and yogurt too. I want our kids to have more space to move around, I’m sure the dog would enjoy it too. I’d also like to have some space so I can work on my sewing some more. I really enjoy it and have a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. It’s just our space is quite limited and my sewing table ends up being the catch-all. . .

I worry though. Will my husband get a great job? He wants to get his CDL once we make this move. Will I be able to keep up with all I want to do?  Will I be able to find an amazing group of women to confide in and have fun with like I have here. It has taken me over two years to find people I fit in with. I am a little on the strange side 🙂 I am sad that I will be leaving friends and family, but excited to forge new friendships and meet new family as well as reconnect with my mom.

. . . 9 hour break. . . .

Well, my blogging time got cut short. It’s now midnight, so I have completely lost my train of thought and can’t seem to find it again. Oh well, not the first time my thoughts have been derailed and won’t be the last I am sure.

Munchkin’s sleeping habits have always been crazy. So it’s always been really hard to plan around his sleeping. We will think that we have a schedule because things are going smoothly for a few weeks and then, whammo! something happens and everything is different. Peanut has been pretty consistent for the last four months, but I think he is starting to teethe. Munchkin started right around this time too. He had all his teeth by the time he was 12 months old, well besides his two-year molars. He just finished growing those.

So, my nine-hour blogging break was due to having a two-year old who didn’t know what he wanted or wanted to do for the rest of the afternoon. He was incredibly unhappy. It was frustrating for both of us because he couldn’t communicate what he  was feeling and I was having a hell of time trying to figure it out. . . On top of his unhappiness, Peanut did not want to be put down or ignored. Needless to say, nothing got done and we had sandwiches for dinner. Come to think of it yesterday went pretty much the same way and I ended up alternately wearing the kiddos. Yes, Munchkin still absolutely LOVES to be worn. I don’t mind, except it is a lot of up and down with him. 🙂

Well, I am going to fold the now wrinkled laundry that is in the dryer and hope that the clothes that have been sitting in the wash all day, don’t need to be re-washed.


The Week in Review

This week has just been one of those weeks. It wasn’t particularly busy or stressful. I can’t even really remember what I did. I do know that I didn’t have much motivation for, well, much of anything.

I know that Monday the boys and I had our chiropractor appointment. I have been going weekly because I had a nerve that had gotten irritated during the birth of Peanut. That irritated nerve affected the big toe on my left foot. . . Yeah, I know, weird. It is much better now though. Almost 100%. This was the boys second time getting adjusted. Munchkin had a few minor things both times because of all his crazy activity; The basic running, jumping, falling, crashing into things. . .Peanut had a few minor things as well. His are mostly related to birth. Peanut also saw a craniosachral therapist from two weeks to eight weeks to fix his latch and help with reflux. Both the boys are really great for their adjustments.

Tuesday I had to bring the dog to the vet. He was due for a heartworm test so that I could get him more heartworm preventative. The vet gave me guff because I didn’t want to do any vaccines. His rabies is up-to-date, that’s the one I care about. I think our pets are as over vaccinated as we are, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Wednesday we went over to my sister, T’s, to celebrate our sister, K’s, birthday. K is the youngest. She just turned 23 on the 19th. Munchkin had a blast with T’s girlfriend’s two children. A boy, eight and a girl, six. They had a picnic dinner in the living room. Munchkin thought it would be a great idea to dip his watermelon in the ketchup. He didn’t eat very much. He did enjoy a piece of cake though.

Picnic dinner

Thursday, I did nothing. I took a nice nap with Peanut while my husband took Munchkin with him to run a few errands. I did clean some junk out of the bathroom. You know, the half empty bottles of shampoo, soaps, etc that I didn’t like. I also went through Munchkin’s toys and bagged up the ones he doesn’t really play with. I’ll be posting them on Freecycle.

Today, well I guess now I should say Friday since it is 1 am, I had a dermatology appointment. Got a few moles looked at, nothing major. Then I brought K up to our Aunt’s house so she can get her stuff together. She has a flight today (Saturday) back down to school. She needs to do an interview so that she can student teach in the fall.

Today, as in Saturday, the boys and I will go to a La Leche League meeting, head back to our aunt’s house and then drive K to the airport. I hate driving to the airport. I’ll have to do it again May 2nd to pick her up.

See, not really a very eventful week.
Through all of this, Munchkin is really going through an “I don’t want to go to bed ever” phase. Bedtime has gone from between 8pm and 9 pm to between 11pm and 12am. He has been staying up, in the room, playing with his toys. Eventually K or I have to go in and read him a few stories and then lie down with him. I don’t mind. I like getting in some one on one time with him. Its Peanut that I have to work around. Munchkin has also started putting some sentences together. I love that he is able to communicate more to us verbally now.


Peanut has been full of smiles and laughter. We don’t even have to work for them. He just volunteers them, until you try to record them. . .He is so much fun. Both of them are. Life would be empty without them.

Peanut in his Bumbo seat

Munchkin is in bed softly snoring. Peanut is in my arms nursing sleepily cooing and gurgling and now we are back to falling asleep nursing. Silly, cute little one. I am enjoying a cup of chamomile tea(a second one, the teabag split open the first time). So I will sign off for tonight. Thanks for reading my ramblings while I tried to get my week in order.

The Grocery Store Meltdown

Today was a trying day. It started off normal. Munchkin climbing into bed at 8 for some morning snuggles, get up, get dressed, shower if the morning allows (got one this morning-yay!), get some breakfast. Get the critters fed and let the dog out. Vacuum-dang pet hair is everywhere. . . Get Peanut together-he likes to sleep in. Get some laundry going. Spend some time with the kiddos and then its time for lunch. Try and run some errands or hit up a playgroup. And somewhere in the middle hope Munchkin naps (his least favorite thing to do).

Peanut wanted to nurse for a few hours when he got up today. So that put grocery shopping plans on hold for a few hours. Not really my fav thing to do (the grocery shopping, I find nursing pleasant), let alone on a Sunday, but it had to be done. So I convinced my hubby that he wanted to take Munchkin outside to play because he insisted that Munchkin wasn’t ready to nap yet. I finished getting Peanut ready and we (Peanut, Munchkin, my sister and myself) piled into the car. My hubby doesn’t do grocery shopping. . .

Munchkin fell asleep on the way to the grocery store(mind you its less than a 15 minute ride), so we sat in the car and played Scrabble on my phone until he woke up-about 20 mins. we got Munchkin his own little shopping cart bc the grocery store has mini ones for the kids and we started our shopping. We went through produce to the deli counter, which took about 15 mins. Once at the deli, Munchkin was not happy to stay with his Aunty. He came running over insisting that I had to pick him up. So, I pick him up while wearing Peanut in the wrap. Its Sunday, so of course there is a long wait to order your stuff. I kept trying to put him down, but he wasn’t happy with that. Once we were moving again, it was ok. As we went on with our shopping Munchkin got more and more cranky and decided to stop listening. We had several small meltdowns, which led me to put Munchkin in the shopping cart and stop using the mini cart. This ensued with a HUGE meltdown. Munchkin’s too big rain boots fell off his feet. My sister tried to put them back on him, but that was completely unacceptable as only I could put his boots back on him. So this resulted in the screaming getting worse(my sister practically pees herself laughing bc she didn’t how else to react)  While all of this is going on, Peanut is crying uncontrollably bc he wants to nurse, but I can’t stop long enough to get him situated in the wrap so that I can latch him on. Ugh. Well, we had to just leave the shopping cart there and go home. There was no saving this shopping trip.

While all this was going on, people were smiling at us-knowingly, sympathetically, pitifully-who knows. I’m sure I had this horribly exhausted, exasperated, UGH! face on. :\

Once in the car and heading home everything was great. . .We got home and played outdoors for 3 hours. It went fairly well. A few minor meltdowns, but nothing that couldn’t quickly be remedied with a snuggle.

Munchkin went to bed at his regular time, about 8:30.

So I guess the day wasn’t all bad. Just that one, not so good hour at the grocery store. It really stressed me out though. I wanted to be able to let loose and get it all out too! Sometimes its hard to remember to take a breath and look at the bigger picture. It wasn’t Munchkin’s fault. It was mine and my husband’s for not making him stay home and take nap. Plus he is still dealing with this stupid cold. At least the boogies streaming down his face weren’t as profuse today.

Ah, well, I will have try grocery shopping again tomorrow.