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To Tennessee We Go (for a visit)

Sheesh! I am horrible at this. My goal was to post once a week. Obviously that has not been happening. I need to make a bigger effort. I guess I feel like I need to post really deep and meaningful things, but lots of people don’t. I mean, they are probably deep and meaningful to them, just not to everybody else. So, I am really going to make an effort to post at least weekly even if it isn’t full of deep meaning.

Yesterday the boys and I made the four-hour trek from Mississippi to Tennessee to visit Nani (my mom), and Happy (my mom’s husband), and Aunty (My sister K). Happy wanted to be called Papi, but somehow Munchkin turned it into Happy and it has just stuck. The boys did great. They entertained each other for almost the first hour before they both passed out for almost two hours. Then entertained each other for the last hour with minimal whining. I considered the trip  great success.

It would have been even better if I wasn’t so tired. Peanut insisted on staying latched on all night, so that meant I was stuck in one position all night. I snacked and turned the music up and bopped around in the seat and sang really loud. Move This by Technotronic came on. So awesome. I hadn’t heard it in forever. Luckily I was on Natchez Trace so there weren’t many other people around to stare.

Have you  ever traveled on  Natchez Trace? It is a beautiful expanse of road that extends 444 miles through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. There are lots of places to stop off and explore. I have only stopped at a couple so far, but K is coming back with us, so we will stop at a few more.  There are a few waterfalls, and the Tennessee river, and some other scenic areas that will be great for pics. I am excited.

We went to the park this morning before it really started raining. When we got here last evening, Munchkin was surprised with a new bike! He was so excited and said lots of thank you’s. We had to make sure he had a chance to ride it today. I pushed Peanut along on the trike with the handle, except the handle snapped off! Speaking of which, I need to see if they sell replacements.

The Move to Mississippi

Its been a while since my last post, but things were crazy with the move and trying to get organized.

It took us three days to get from Massachusetts to Mississippi. It went as well as could be expected. We drove until 2am each day. Munchkin broke the portable DVD player. I was upset by this because it meant there was no distraction for him. We got it from a very nice family on Freecycle, so at least we hadn’t paid for it. Munchkin kept sticking his foot in Peanut’s face. We resorted to taking his shoes off when we put them in the car and then he would proceed to remove his socks. At one point we heard him say “Aaaaawwww” and looked back to see him sticking his toes in Peanut’s mouth. K told him it was not cute, so stop saying aaawww. I realized he was actually saying aaaaahhh, as in open wide. I told K this and she just about peed herself laughing.

We stopped pretty much every 2 -3 hours. Between us needing bathroom breaks, gas, diaper changes, Peanut needing to nurse and Munchkin needing to get out of the car before he drove us all crazy, the stops ended up lasting almost an hour. . . It felt like we would never reach Mississippi.

On the first night, we stayed at a Motel 6 in Pennsylvania. It was kind of sketchy. The only thing it had going for it was an LCD TV, not the we watched it. The room was really small and we did NOT shower. . . The second night, for only $10 more, we stayed at a Comfort Inn. It was soooo nice. Very clean, we showered. There were lots of drawers and doors for Munchkin to play with. They didn’t mind the dog and cats. If I have to stay at a hotel again, I would definitely stay at a Comfort Inn again.

Each night when we got to the motel/hotel, Munchkin would be passed out cold. As soon as we laid him down though his eyes would pop open. He’d sleepily look around, realize we were someplace strange and hop out of bed to explore and run around like a crazy person. Hubby would get irritated and tell him in his grumpy voice to get back in bed. It landed on deaf ears though as Munchkin continued running around and jumping on the beds and laughing hysterically. I had to tell hubby that he needed to give Munchkin a few moments to get out his sillyness because he had just spent over 12 hours traveling. He’d grumble and stalk into the bathroom.

The dog and the cats did very well considering all the commotion and strangeness. The cats stayed fairly quiet in the car. I know having them in the same crate together really made a difference. Once we got them in the room, they would walk out of the crate, explore and then find a place to settle for the night once we were all in bed. The dog shook and drooled for the first few hours of the trip. He used to get car sick all the time, so this was a big step. After that though, he did totally fine and jump in and out hubby’s truck nonchalantly. We had brought a bed for him, so we would lay that down for him in the room so that he had a spot that was his.

When we finally reached the house in Mississippi, it was 2am. After unpacking the cars, blowing up the air mattresses and getting the kiddos changed and settled, it was 3am.  It was really nice to know that come morning we weren’t going to have to pack the car back up and drive some more.  It was probably around 9am when the kiddos woke up. Munchkin ran all over and explored the house, loving the fact that his already loud voice echoed through the rooms. The critters seemed pleased with the house as well.

We drove down to McDonalds so that we could use the wi-fi and get some food. This ended up being the routine for about a week while we got unpacked and waited for AT&T and Direct TV to install our services. We ran into issues with the moving company. Our bank wouldn’t release the funds because it was such a large amount. . . Thank goodness for my mother-in-law. She put the charges on her credit card and then we wrote her a check. If she hadn’t helped us out, our stuff wouldn’t have been delivered until Wednesday(it was currently Friday)! There was no way we could have dealt with that. Around 5 that evening we finally got our stuff. All I wanted was to get our bed off the truck, but of course it started raining. One more night on the air mattresses. Over the next few days, one of hubby’s cousins came over and helped with the unpacking. My father-in-law also arrived because he had some stuff to bring down. He helped unload the heavy items.

So, here we are a month later and still trying to unpack and organize. This is not an easy task when you have 2 small children who need your attention. I wanted to do some exploring of the area. I had to bring K back up to Tennessee to my mom’s and stayed there for a few days. She was soooo excited, but I think she and her husband were worn out when we left. 🙂 I attended my first Mississippi La Leche League meeting too and met some great mamas. Needless to say, there has been a lot going on. I know it will all get unpacked eventually, but I wish it would be sooner rather than later.

Anyways, that was our move in a nutshell. Not too bad, but definitely not something I want to do again anytime soon!

Some trees on our property

Moving Day is Near

We have been trying to plan a move now for the last, at least, year and a half.  It was supposed to happen last spring and then again last summer. I would tell people we were going to be moving and then look like a complete idiot because for whatever reason it just wasn’t going to happen.

Well, I can now, finally say, that we are moving. For real! We have a reservation on a moving truck and we will be leaving Massachusetts on May 10th! We are moving to northern Mississippi. My husband has family there(on his Mother’s side) and my mom and youngest sister are in Tennessee. I haven’t seen my mom in almost 2 years. She has only seen Munchkin once when he was 6 months old and obviously hasn’t seen Peanut yet. My husband’s cousin has a huge a farm, so I can’t wait to check it out and learn from them. I really want to become self-sustaining.

I am trying to start packing, but we have limited space. Trying to find places to put the boxes where Munchkin can’t hurt himself is a bit of a challenge. I am excited about this move, but I HATE moving. Packing is such a chore. Trying to decide where to start can be daunting. *sigh* Figuring out the logisitics of how everything should fit to take up the least amount of space. . .

I also had the stress of convincng my husband that renting a truck was the better route to take. He didn’t want to spend the money on renting something. He wanted to buy a trailor to hook up to his truck and then try and resell it when we got there. I explained there would be insuring, registering, making sure it was in good, working order-i.e. breaks, lights, chains, tires, blah, blah, blah. He finally conceded.

So, we are renting space on a tractor trailer and they will drive our stuff down. My husband will be driving his truck and taking the dog with him. I will be driving my station wagon with the 2 kiddos, my sister(she is coming to help-yay!) and the 2 cats. The cats will be sharing a large crate in the back of the car as Radar can’t handle being in one by himself. He needs his sister for moral support. I will have to make frequent stops to nurse Peanut and so K(my sister) can walk with Munchkin so he can stretch his legs. I will have to rent a motel room for us at least once. My husband will be driving on ahead and says he will most likely sleep in his truck.

Those are the basic logistics of the trip. I will keep you posted on how everything is going. I am sure as we get closer, I will start to freak out a little. :p