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Life with Two


I wasn’t sure what to expect having two small children. I mean lots of people have multiple children and seem to be doing all right. I used to babysit for families with multiple children, but of course I was there so we could have fun. I come from a home of multiple children and my mother doesn’t seem to be too bad off from it. What was it going to be like being the parent of multiple children though? How was I going to be able to split my time and attention and love adequately. I was afraid Munchkin would feel less loved or slighted somehow by the presence of his brother. I felt guilty about wanting and having another child. It was amazing how much uncertainty I felt about it.
Three months into having two children and it has gone pretty well. I have kept my sanity, mostly. I think the biggest blessing(and not at the same time) is that my husband has been home due to being laid off. He has been able to help out and focus his attention on Munchkin. I try to offer as much of my undivided attention as possible to Munchkin, but it can be a little difficult at times. It’s hard when he wants me to get up and do something with him and I am in the middle of nursing Peanut. I try to explain that I just need a few more minutes with Peanut, but it doesn’t always get across to him. The past few weeks have been a little hard. Munchkin has been very whiny and has been utilizing “NO” a lot. He has been having more frequent melt downs as well. I know it stems from him getting less of my attention, so I have been trying to get the most out of the time we do spend together. We have snuggle sessions whenever possible and I try to make sure we get out of the house a few times a week and do fun activities. Fun activities being hard to come by in the cold weather, we often visit Walmart or Target and explore the store. We go to playgroups when we can and make sure never to miss a La Leche League meeting. We also go to an indoor playground when we have a little money to spare.
All in all it has been going fairly well. Munchkin loves his little brother and he showers him with hugs and kisses. He frequently tries to pick him up. Not exactly the best scenario considering Peanut is all ready half Munchkin’s weight. He shares and quickly takes back toys. He also offers Peanut his food and drinks. It is hard to explain to a 2-year-old that babies only drink milk. I show him that Peanut has no teeth, which is quickly followed by fingers being shoved into Peanuts mouth and Munchkin saying “mouth” and “teeth” rather loudly. Peanut takes it all in stride though and lights up when he hears his brother talking or quite frequent yelling. The yelling isn’t in anger usually, Munchkin is just a very noisy individual. Expressing himself quietly just isn’t something that happens. Everything is done with incredible exuberance. Peanut tries to keep up and makes adorable “coo”s and “ga”s and silly little laugh noises while animated expressions dance across his face.
By the end of the day, I am glad when the boys are sleeping and I can take a moment for myself. You’d think I would be completely exhausted and head directly to bed myself. Instead, I regularly stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. I enjoy that peaceful, quiet time so much. I can relax and watch some grown up TV or use the computer or read a book. Sometimes I even do some baking or sewing. I check on my little ones frequently though. I can’t stay away. I find solace in listening to their quiet breathing. Munchkin has also started talking in his sleep. Suddenly hearing a laugh come from the bedroom brings a smile to my face and I try to imagine what fantastic thing he is dreaming of.
In conclusion, life with two is entertaining and exhausting. My heart is full of love for both of my boys and I dish it out to both of them as equally as I can. I know as they grow, that will always be there for each other. I hope that they will have the same loving relationship that my sisters and I have with each other. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

Life begins

My name is Amanda and welcome to my world. I am fairly new to it myself. I had always envisioned myself as a stay at home mom, but had never thought the day would actually arrive.  It seems every new stage of my life was just this surreal incident that I never imagined would happen. When you are in school, you think graduation is so far away and will never actually happen. Then it does. The real world starts and you can’t believe that you have actually made it this far. The times when you were riding your bike and playing tag with the neighborhood kids seem like they were just yesterday and you couldn’t wait to grow up. Then you have a real job. You finally meet the love of your life
(again) This time the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly though. You get married, move in, start a life together. That life(in my case) includes baby. A baby who arrived at 9:05 am on a cold, but sunny December 23rd in 2008. A little one who could not wait to join the world. This is where the story really begins. Not 27 years earlier when I was born. Not 29 years earlier when my husband was born. Life truly began on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 9:05am.

Here is that story:

It was 3am and I was up yet again for another trip to the toilet. The baby knew just where to sit to make my bladder feel as if it were going to explode. Of course there would be only a small trickle though. I waddled back to bed. Sat on the bed so that I could then get each leg up and lie down. This time, however when I sat down, there was a small gush of warm liquid. Up I jumped, well I guess what you can call jumping for a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant, and went back to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and waited. Nothing. Hmmm. Got up, changed my underwear. No sooner had I done that, I had another small gush. Ok. It was official. I was pretty sure my water had just broke. It wasn’t the bucketful you see in movies, but enough too make me change my underwear three times. I start smiling and giggling (I do when I am nervous)and wake up my husband. He looks at me bleary eyed and asks if I have had my bloody show. No. His reply, I have a little while then, and rolls back over to sleep. I make him get up. We haven’t packed. The carseat still isn’t in the car. I am not sitting through contractions by myself. I call the OB’s office and tell the answering service that my water broke. A few minutes later a nurse from the hospital calls and tells me we can head on down. I tell the nurse I am only experiencing minimal discomfort. She says okay and tells me to take my time and head in when I’m ready. I call my best friend and let her know. I go across the hall and knock on my sister T’s door to let her and her girlfriend know. Her girlfriend thought I was kidding because of my giggling. I then go downstairs and wake up my other sister, K, who is up visiting from school in TN. I start packing and my husband goes out to the blazer to try and get the carseat situated.

As 5:30am rolls around I am starting to get quite uncomfortable. My husband is irritated. He can’t get the big convertable car seat into the the blazer. I tell him we have to go. We hope we haven’t forgotten anything and head to the car. My youngest sister, K and my sister T’s girlfriend come with us. My husband wants to stop for coffee. I ask if it can wait. Sitting in the car is incredibly uncomfortable. Luckily the hospital is only 20 minutes away. We get to the hospital at about 6am. We check in and start to make our way up to the maternity ward. I’m waddling as fast as I can. We get to the elevator and push the button. We wait. We push the button again. Elevator isn’t working. At this point I am dancing around in the hallway. Luckily a couple of hospital staff members round the corner and direct us to another set of elevators. These ones work.

We get to the maternity ward and I tell the nurse my water broke. She asked if it was a gush or if I had had my bloody show. I said no to both those questions. She told me that water probably hadn’t broken then. I was positive it had though. We  make sure to ask to get the room with the jacuzzi. I want to be able to take advantage of that perk. I change into the gown and a nurse examines me. She says it will probably be a while because when your water breaks, its usually a lot of fluid. I say ok. I am  3cm dilated. We discuss if I want medication. I say I want to try going natural. The contractions start coming quick and hard. I start vomiting every time I have a contraction. They recommend an epidural, several times. I really didn’t want to get one, so I try to say no. The nurses keep pushing for it. Finally I give in. Gettng an epidural hurts. The nurse asks me how a contraction was.  I had a contraction? She says good.  I think it is about 7:30am at this point. I realize I have to pee, but the nurse tells me I can’t get up. Why didn’t she tell me this before? Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly when they pushed the epidural on me. The nurse catheterizes me and I absolutely hate it. It is really uncomfortable. It does not make me feel better. At about 8:40 I start having the incredible urge to push. No one tells you about this part, but it feels like you are trying poop out a bowling ball! I am trying to resist. The nurse tells me to let her know when the feeling is constant and leaves the room!  My best friend is in the hallway searching for her because the feeling was all ready pretty much constant. The nurse comes back and examines me. I am 10cm and the baby is coming now! The dr barely has enough time to pull on his boots and surgery gown. He seems pretty grumpy about the whole situation. The time is now 8:57am. I don’t yell and scream. I squeak and say I can’t do it. I keep squeaking and pushing. The Dr proceeds to give me an episiotomy without asking or mentioning it. I push out my amazingly perfect little boy at 9:05am. He is 19 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs 7 oz. Ten fingers and 10 toes. And growling. He doesn’t cry. He growls at us. This is the moment my life begins.