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My Breastfeeding Journey, Part 2

My newborn Peanut

My breastfeeding experience with Peanut has been so different from my experience with Munchkin.

Everything was much more relaxed. I had a great support system set up and I knew a lot more.

Peanut was a homebirth (you can read his story here if you’d like). After everything that had happened with Munchkin, there was no question in my mind that a homebirth was the way to go. It was really a wonderful experience. Intense because it went so fast, but relaxed at the same time.

When Peanut was born, there was no rush to take him away to get cleaned or weighed. I held him immediately and just let nature take its course(with a nudge or two here and there). I let him find his way to my breasts. There was no one grabbing a boob and shoving my baby’s face onto it.

I did have some nipple pain in the beginning. My midwife showed me how to use a nipple shield, correctly. It actually stayed on! I didn’t really like it though. I didn’t feel like Peanut was transferring enough with them.

I went to LLL that next Friday. My midwife scolded me for driving so soon, but I felt fine and really wanted to see them. We were having a cranial-sachral therapist come and speak to us. It worked out great because she checked out Peanut and discovered that the webbing on the left side of his mouth was tight. She worked on him for a little bit during the meeting. We saw her a few times after that as well and Peanut’s latch improved and my nipples stopped hurting.

We started bed sharing right away and he quickly learned how to nurse while we were side lying. This is still his favorite way to nurse. I didn’t leave the couch much those first few months. We nursed a lot. It was soooo much better than pumping!

The nipple pain in the beginning was really our only issue. He barely lost any weight. He gained weight quickly and now, at 7 months old is 20 lbs! He is still pretty much exclusively breastfed. We are doing baby-led solids like we did with his brother. He is still in the exploring phase. Figuring tastes and textures. Swallowing a few tiny bites here and there.

We will nurse as long as he wants to. I am really enjoying having a breastfeeding relationship with this little guy.

Now that Munchkin sees his little brother nursing, he wants to sometimes too. I let him. He latches on for a minute and gets a quick sip. Then he gives me a big goofy grin and says “Mmmm, nummy!” It’s really cute and makes me smile.

Life with Two


I wasn’t sure what to expect having two small children. I mean lots of people have multiple children and seem to be doing all right. I used to babysit for families with multiple children, but of course I was there so we could have fun. I come from a home of multiple children and my mother doesn’t seem to be too bad off from it. What was it going to be like being the parent of multiple children though? How was I going to be able to split my time and attention and love adequately. I was afraid Munchkin would feel less loved or slighted somehow by the presence of his brother. I felt guilty about wanting and having another child. It was amazing how much uncertainty I felt about it.
Three months into having two children and it has gone pretty well. I have kept my sanity, mostly. I think the biggest blessing(and not at the same time) is that my husband has been home due to being laid off. He has been able to help out and focus his attention on Munchkin. I try to offer as much of my undivided attention as possible to Munchkin, but it can be a little difficult at times. It’s hard when he wants me to get up and do something with him and I am in the middle of nursing Peanut. I try to explain that I just need a few more minutes with Peanut, but it doesn’t always get across to him. The past few weeks have been a little hard. Munchkin has been very whiny and has been utilizing “NO” a lot. He has been having more frequent melt downs as well. I know it stems from him getting less of my attention, so I have been trying to get the most out of the time we do spend together. We have snuggle sessions whenever possible and I try to make sure we get out of the house a few times a week and do fun activities. Fun activities being hard to come by in the cold weather, we often visit Walmart or Target and explore the store. We go to playgroups when we can and make sure never to miss a La Leche League meeting. We also go to an indoor playground when we have a little money to spare.
All in all it has been going fairly well. Munchkin loves his little brother and he showers him with hugs and kisses. He frequently tries to pick him up. Not exactly the best scenario considering Peanut is all ready half Munchkin’s weight. He shares and quickly takes back toys. He also offers Peanut his food and drinks. It is hard to explain to a 2-year-old that babies only drink milk. I show him that Peanut has no teeth, which is quickly followed by fingers being shoved into Peanuts mouth and Munchkin saying “mouth” and “teeth” rather loudly. Peanut takes it all in stride though and lights up when he hears his brother talking or quite frequent yelling. The yelling isn’t in anger usually, Munchkin is just a very noisy individual. Expressing himself quietly just isn’t something that happens. Everything is done with incredible exuberance. Peanut tries to keep up and makes adorable “coo”s and “ga”s and silly little laugh noises while animated expressions dance across his face.
By the end of the day, I am glad when the boys are sleeping and I can take a moment for myself. You’d think I would be completely exhausted and head directly to bed myself. Instead, I regularly stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. I enjoy that peaceful, quiet time so much. I can relax and watch some grown up TV or use the computer or read a book. Sometimes I even do some baking or sewing. I check on my little ones frequently though. I can’t stay away. I find solace in listening to their quiet breathing. Munchkin has also started talking in his sleep. Suddenly hearing a laugh come from the bedroom brings a smile to my face and I try to imagine what fantastic thing he is dreaming of.
In conclusion, life with two is entertaining and exhausting. My heart is full of love for both of my boys and I dish it out to both of them as equally as I can. I know as they grow, that will always be there for each other. I hope that they will have the same loving relationship that my sisters and I have with each other. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

. . . And then there were four

As I am sure you have guessed, little guy #2 has joined us earthside. He made his introduction at 6:57am on New Years Eve. He was 7lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long and absolutely perfect. Labor lasted two and a half hours. It was really intense. So incredibly worth it.

At about 3:30 that morning, I woke to use the bathroom and felt, well, just kind of odd.  Actually, I felt really good, the oxytocin was definitely flowing. I just knew that our Peanut was going to be joining us soon. I layed there in bed just rubbing my belly and talking to him. An hour later, at 4:30, I felt this huge popping sensation. It startled me. I got up and had a very small trickle of fluid. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I had a contraction and knew that labor was starting. I woke up my sister, K, who was staying with us. I let her know that I would be calling the midwife soon. K was to be in charge of my 2 year when he decided to wake up. I then woke my husband to let him know that I would be calling the midwife. He isn’t really great with mornings, let alone ones that start at 4:30!

By 5:00am I had a few more contractions and decided I would call the midwife. She asked if she could shower and grab a quick bite to eat. Of course I said she could. Wanted to make sure she was fully awake and had energy before she got here! 🙂 She said she would call back in a half hour and see how things were progressing.

I raced around the apartment getting a few last minute things together, my husband and I are horrible procrastinators. . . I also had to wake up my husband a few more times. Within a half hour my contractions were pretty intense and close together. I was watching the clock waiting for my midwife to call back. When she did call back, I told her she definitely needed to get here.

While I waited for her, I texted a few people to let them know I was in labor(while sitting on the toilet. . .). My sister made the phone calls to the people who wouldn’t get text messages, my mother and my in-laws.

When the midwife arrived at 6:00am, I was lying on the couch breathing through contractions. They were crazy intense with almost no time in between them. I started to get really nauseaus like I had when I was labor with the Munchkin. This time, I did not vomit. My midwife put her cool hands on my neck and stroked my arms until the feeling subsided. So nice.

After that, everything happened really fast. I remember climbing off the couch and kneeling next to it. My husband was sitting on the couch. I grabbed hold of his arm and layed my head on it and squeezed and moaned through pushing. I vaguely remember the second midwife and apprentice midwife getting there as I started pushing. Nine minutes later, the Peanut slid on out. Munchkin woke up half way through pushing. So he was able to witness the birth of his brother. Not that he was all that coherent when it happened. I leaned back and someone handed him to me. His cord was kind of short, so I was scrunched over, but I didn’t care. We waited for his cord to stop pulsating before cutting it. I have no idea how much time passed before I delivered the placenta. Once I did, we all (my husband, Munchkin, Peanut and myself) piled onto the couch together. It was so nice to be relaxed and snuggled up with my family.

Breastfeeding happened somewhere in the midst of all this. Naturally. It wasn’t forced. I didn’t have some nurse grabbing my breast and shoving my brand new baby on it. It has continued to be a wonderful experience! No pumping (besides to give a little here and there to Munchkin)!

In conclusion, I LOVED my home birth! It was such a wonderful experience. Having a midwife was so nice. Having someone who actually talked to me, listened to me, cared about me, cared about my feelings and wishes. I would recommend a home birth to anyone.