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A new potty learning contender?

For a while now Peanut has been sitting on his little potty in the bathroom. Fully clothed of course. It is really cute. He comes in, sits down, makes a “sssss” noise, and then asks for some toilet paper.

I try to give him naked time whenever possible. He has been prone to rashes. (I think I need new diapers or inserts. That is a post for another time though.) We have a potty in each bathroom and one in the living room. We sit him on them frequently and he did pee on the potty once so far. Yay Peanut!

He is starting to recognize when his body needs to go. Yesterday he was playing and let a couple drops of pee go (yeah, I know, he is going to hate me someday), realized what was happening and started yelling “Mama!” Same thing happened today too. He didn’t end up going in the potty, but it’s a step in the right direction. 🙂


Getting ready for bed

Our getting ready for bed routine includes bath time, which I am sure is normal for most households. In the cooler weather we let it slide here and there. These days, the boy get so sweaty and dirty, there is no way they can miss their time in the tub.

Tonight I tried to steal away into the shower. I felt exceptionally gross tonight. K was going to give the boys a bath while I got cleaned up. Peanut didn’t think that was such a great idea and managed to get himself into the bathroom and climbed into the shower fully clothed. I had turned the water on to get it ready and hadn’t even climbed in yet myself. I had to laugh. I got him undressed and he played under the water while I got myself cleaned up.

After the shower he had to brush his teeth. He tries real hard to spit in the sink. It is really cute to watch.

Then he had to sit on his potty. He isn’t actually doing anything on the potty yet. He is just familiarizing himself with it. He will come in and sit on it while one of us is using the bathroom. Of course most of the time he is fully clothed. He sits down and makes ssssssss noises because that is what I do. I tell him to sit on his potty and go pee-pee and then I make the sssssssss noise. So, that is what he thinks he has to do, lol. He insists that he needs to have a piece of toilet paper to wipe himself too. Seriously cute.


Then it was Munchkin’s turn. He decided that he would have a shower too. He insisted that he had to do all of it himself. He would not let K touch the water or help him wash up. As result, he took a cold shower, but he was so pleased that he did it all by himself. He even used K’s body wash to wash his hair. As matter of fact, it is still in his hair. . . .I’ll have to have him hop in the shower in the morning to finish rinsing it out. He so gets an “A” for effort tonight 🙂


I nursed Peanut to sleep on the couch tonight and transferred him to the bed seamlessly. He slept through the night again last night. I wonder if he will tonight.

Munchkin is currently snuggled with K under a blanket on the couch. He is waiting for Dada to come in to help him brush his teeth and take him to bed.

I will leave you with a picture of Peanut passed out on the boy’s Spiderman couch. He took his nap there yesterday.

Nap time


What bedtime rituals do you follow?

Where’s the lellow?

I slept horribly last night.

It took me forever to fall asleep. My mind just would not be quiet. I kept asking it to, but it wouldn’t listen.

I finally fell asleep sometime after 2am.

Peanut nursed and I think I woke up every time he latched on. My nipples have been killing me. Nursing has been torture.

At 4:30am, Munchkin woke up. He went pee and then sat there on the toilet yelling for help. I got up to see what the problem was. He couldn’t reach the toilet paper. He had also had an accident in his bed. It was only a small one though, so I pulled a crappy parent and put a towel over it. . . Yep. I did.

As this was happening, Peanut woke up too. I got them both back in bed, sang Twinkle Star and ABC’s. Peanut tortured me some more with nursing. We all fell back to sleep.

For like 10 minutes.

Munchkin woke back up at 5:15am. He was standing in the bathroom doorway. So, I asked him what he was doing.

“Where did it go?”

“Where did what go?”



“Yeah. Where did lellow go? It went in the bathroom.”

“What is yellow”

“It’s in the bathroom. It’s hiding.”

“Oh. I’m confused. Were you dreaming?”

“Yeah. Lellow is in the bathroom. Here it is”, He points to where the litter box is.

It went on like this for a few more minutes and once more Peanut got in on the action.

Got everyone back to bed. Took some coaxing though. Munchkin kept insisting it was time to get up and that he was really hungry. Sang more songs, tortured by nursing again, went back to sleep.

I am still confused about “Lellow”. Apparently he/she/it went into the bathroom and then, lellow turned green. *shrug*

Crazy kid ;p



Night time potty learning

Munchkin has been doing really great with potty learning during the day. He has occasional accidents when he gets too caught up with playing. One day he peed in his underwear and walked by me informing me that it wasn’t his fault ;p

He has also been waking up dry from naps. We tried putting him to bed in underwear. That didn’t go so well. It resulted in a giant pee accident and him sleeping in bed with us. We then tried putting him to bed with a naked butt. He always seemed to better when he wasn’t wearing anything. It has been a success. No accidents overnight.

This morning he woke up at 6am to pee and then climbed in bed with us. He then woke again at 8:30 (he slept in this morning!) with a “I have to poop!” hehe.

Now we will have to periodically try putting underwear on him to see if he is ready.

Munchkin’s Potty Learning Journey

I am pleased to report that Munchkin is mostly potty learned during the day now. It has been a really long, slow journey. (I really use “journey” a lot, but that is what parenting is, right?).

I had bought one of those plastic frog potty chairs sometime between a year and a year and a half. Just to have it around in case he wanted to try to use the potty. He liked following me into the bathroom, of course what baby/toddler doesn’t. It’s obviously a very happening place. :p He would get all up in my personal space to investigate what was happening when I sat on the toilet.  I miss the days of being able to use the bathroom without an audience.

He started showing an interest at 18 months. We were keeping the potty in the bathroom for him and he would sit on it (fully clothed) while I sat on the toilet. We made a point to sit him on it right before we got him in the bath and when we took him out. I’d say “Let’s go potty” and make a “sssss” noise. He’d laugh, I’d laugh and then he would get up without doing anything. It was a little while before he actually did do anything on it. When he finally did, I was very excited and so was he.

I decided to bring the potty out to the living room and started letting him run around the house with a naked butt. We would sit him on the potty frequently, but of course he would never go when we sat him on it. He had to do it on his terms. He did great as long as he wasn’t wearing any pants. We’d try putting training pants or big boy underwear on him and he would just pee in them. Eventually he would lose interest and want to wear diapers again. We just followed his lead.

This back and forth went on for a year and a half. Then about a week before Christmas (and just before he turned 3), he decided he wanted to use the potty again. I decided this time that I was going to put him underwear and see what happened. The first day was rough. We kept reminding him to use the potty and he did a few times. There were quite a few wardrobe changes though. We left him in underwear for nap time and he woke up dry. We did put him in a diaper at bedtime though. He is still a pretty heavy night-time wetter.

The second day was better than the first. We went through about half the wardrobe changes as the previous day. Still dry at nap time, but a diaper to bed.

Day three was fantastic! Not a single change of clothes was needed! Yay for Munchkin and yay for us!

He has continued to do well over the past 6 or so weeks. He still has days where he accidents, but that is to be expected. He gets caught up playing and doesn’t want to stop. It is cute though because he will jump up and yell “Potty!” and then go running into the bathroom. Sometimes he wants help, sometimes not. Oh, and he uses the “big potty”. We keep the little potty in the car now. It has come in very handy.

My baby is growing up. It’s crazy to see him standing up at the toilet and peeing because he has to be a big boy. He actually told me last week that he wasn’t a baby, Peanut is the baby. I call Munchkin “Babe” or “Baby” all the time (affectionately of course). I made a sad face and we had a conversation about it. I told him even if I couldn’t call him “Baby” he would in fact, always be my baby. He thought about it and then decided it would be alright if I continued to call him “Baby”. I made sure to tell him thank you and of course gave him a big hug.

Still on the pottying theme, a few nights ago he randomly decided to remove his pants and diaper while he was in bed. He woke up completely dry. It’s weird because he normally soaks his diaper overnight. This was the only night it happened, but I’m taking it as a sign of things to come.