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Want to know the absolute best way to be woken up really early in the morning? Like 4:45am early?

Waking up to an incredibly bad odor.

I woke up and was sniffing all around. I checked Peanut’s diaper. Sniffed the bathroom. Where the heck was it coming from? I was still half asleep so it took a few for me to eventually venture my way out to the kitchen.

Oh yeah. There it was. I turned on the light and there was diarrhea everywhere. . . It was like projectile. On the floor, on the wall, on my curtains. . . So gross. Luckily we keep Lily tied up, but she still had six feet of lead.

The Culprit

I woke Hubby up because Peanut had woken up and followed me out to the kitchen. Plus? It was way too big of a mess for one person to tackle.

We got everything cleaned up and stuck Lily outside for the remainder of the morning. It was light out by the time we finished cleaning.

Hubby went back to bed, but Peanut was wide awake. I was getting ready to head back to bed with him at about 6:15am when Munchkin stumbled his way out of the bedroom. I tried to convince him that he wanted to go back to bed with Peanut and I and snuggle. He of course didn’t fall for my sweet talking. He told me it was light out and he was awake and he was really hungry. That is how he starts most days.

I finally got to head back to bed for a nap around 8:30am and proceeded to sleep until 11:30am. I was tired.

The rest of the day was pretty good, aside from everyone being on the tired side.

Here is to hoping we all get a full night of sleep tonight.

Have a good one all.  🙂

Busy, busy, busy

Let’s see, what has happened since my last post?

We got another goat. She is a four-month old Pygmy/Nigerian mix. We named her Willow. She is a sweet little thing. She was pretty nervous when we brought her home. She’d yell at the top of her lungs when we picked her up. She and Hazel hit it off right away. They are best buds.

Willow (left) & Hazel (right)

We had another puppy show up at our house about 20 minutes before we were to leave and get Willow. He was a cute little terrier mix. I decided to call him Charlie. He was only with us for five days. We found him a really great home.


I applied for a job as a peer breastfeeding counselor with WIC. Sadly, I did not get the job 😦 They said I was qualified, but they didn’t have the funds available for travel and so were looking for someone more centrally located. . . I am pretty disappointed about not getting the job. I was very excited about it.

On the topic of breastfeeding, Peanut has been a complete boobie monster. He has been cutting his one-year molars and his eye teeth, so all he has wanted to do is nurse. It’s been rather hard to get anything accomplished. He has slowed down a little bit and I have been making him wait a few minutes when he asks.

Munchkin has gotten really good at riding his bike. He zooms all over the backyard. He goes to the store and buys bags of fruit and toys and fills up his bike at the gas station 🙂

Munchkin on his bike

We spoil our chickens a little. The Reds (Claudette and Georgia) are our best friends. Whenever we step out the back door they are right there to see if we have any treats for them. It’s pretty funny. One of them stole a carrot right out Peanut’s hand last night. Buffy and Rocky still keep to themselves. We can’t keep any of the chickens in the pen anymore. As soon as we open the coop, they climb up on top and hop over the fence. .  . So the pen is open during the day and they have free range of the yard all day. The Reds at least go back to the coop to lay their eggs. Buffy and Rocky haven’t started laying yet, I think.

Claudette & Georgia enjoying a dust bath

Buffy & Rocky searching for tasty bugs

Peanut has started saying words here and there. It is very exciting. He is also turning into a little Eval Kneval. Not so exciting. He belly flops from the couch to the over-sized ottoman we use as a coffee table and back again. He also “jumps” off the ottoman onto his and Munchkin’s little Spiderman couch. Oy. Now I have two stunt children to worry about.

Peanut on his new slide

Last, but not least, we had a dog here for the day on Wednesday. She was a little thing and just standing in the middle of the road. A few people were outside their houses and said they had never seen her before, so I put her in the car and headed home. She had milk, so she had puppies and as the day went on, I got worried about where the puppies might be. I had been posting about her all over Facebook and Craigslist trying to find her owners. Finally we drove back down to where we found her so we could ask around. Some kids were walking down the street and I asked them if they knew where she might belong. Thankfully they did. She had been right outside her house when I picked her up. . . .I knocked on the door and the woman didn’t even know she had been missing. . . Whiskey, that was her name, was happy to be home. She had three puppies waiting for her.

Whiskey. She didn’t even weigh 5lbs. Such a sweet girly though.

Whew! That was a  lot to catch up on. Time for a nap!

Peanut conked out on my lap

Lily Update #2 – Dealing with Parvo

I think we can officially say that Lily has kicked Parvo’s butt!

It has been five days since she was diagnosed and started treatment, and seven days since she started showing symptoms. She is super active and keeps trying to get Sawyer, the cats, Hazel, and us to play with her. She was very sad the last two nights when we left her home while we all went for a walk. The cats didn’t go, but yes, Hazel goes for walks with us. She walks better on a leash than the dogs do, hehe.

We had to exchange Lily’s lactated ringers with the vitamin C and B for plain lactated ringers late Friday because she developed sores in her mouth. The vet felt it was a reaction to the vitamin C. She got 300mls of IV fluids daily(slowly, over the course of the day) Thursday through Saturday. I pulled her catheter on Sunday morning because she had gone 36 hours without vomiting and was eating food.

I tried starting her off with a scrambled egg, but she wasn’t interested. A little later I offered her a raw egg and she gobbled that right up. It was an egg fresh from our chickens that morning. I don’t think I would have done that with store-bought eggs. Later that day I boiled some chicken for her and kept feeding her little bits of that with some of the broth from cooking it. She has been eating boiled chicken for the last few days now. I cooked up some jasmine rice this morning  to add to the chicken to give her a little bulk to her meals.

Yesterday I added probiotics to her regiment of medications. I will give her the probiotics for the next week to help replenish the good bacteria in her GI system. Today is her last day for the antibiotic injections. I will continue the Colloidal Silver for another few days. The dose I found is 1ml per 20 lbs, twice daily.

Now we are just waiting for her poos to return to normal. She had one semi-solid poo last night. 🙂

I will leave you with this cute pic of Lily and Hazel that I took just before she was diagnosed with Parvo.

Lily Update – Dealing with Parvo

Lily hooked up to her IV

Lily was diagnosed with Parvo Thursday night. The vet put in an IV catheter and we took her home to give her IV fluids and antibiotic injections. I also started giving her colloidal silver.

Last night, she was still vomiting intermittently and having diarrhea.

This morning, we woke to find no vomit, yay! Not sure how the other end is doing yet. Lily is very perky. She wants desperately to go outside and play with Sawyer, Hazel, and the boys. She is drinking little bits of water and even ate a bite of the scrambled egg I made her with a little coaxing from Hubby.  🙂

Keep sending positive, healing thoughts Lily’s way! ❤

Thoughts about sleep

It is amazing to me how differently the boys approach bedtime. They are complete opposites. Munchkin fights it and Peanut embraces it. I wonder if how we first approached sleep with them has some bearing. Munchkin was born in the hospital. He was taken to the nursery for those first few nights and brought in to me when he was hungry. When we got home, we swaddled him and put him in the bassinet right next to the bed. Eventually he ended up sleeping with us, but not before we tried getting him to sleep in his crib. Peanut was born at home and basically hasn’t left my side since. He has always had the security of me right there.

I know I have posted before about Munchkin’s trouble with sleep. He has fought it with every inch of his being since the day we brought him home. It didn’t/doesn’t matter what routines we employ. I guess he is afraid he will miss something important. It is getting easier (a very tiny bit at a time) as he is getting older though.

I guess I am the same way. I put off going to bed. I always have just one more thing I want to do. I remember staying up all night long during the summers. I would watch Nick at Night. I loved all those shows, Mister Ed, Patty Duke, Green Acres, etc. When we got a decent computer and an internet account(oh, dial-up days, how I don’t miss you), I would stay up and play around online. I frequented chat groups and copied anime images in my sketch pad. I also used to stay up all night baking. I tried all sorts of recipes. Cakes, cookies, meringues. . . My mom didn’t complain too much about that one 🙂

I still stay up late. I use the time to watch my TV programs that recorded earlier in the evening. It is impossible to watch them while the boys are awake. I get prep work done for the next day’s cooking when I can. I do some cleaning or laundry. I Facebook or blog(when my brain is functioning enough to get coherent thoughts across). I try to get in some time to just decompress from the day. Sometimes I even get to spend some quiet time with Hubby. Although the past few weeks he has been going to bed early. He has been getting up at *gasp* the same time as the boys and I in the morning because he has to address the puppy’s bathroom needs.

Oh yeah, did I mention we took in another dog?


He was only about 10 weeks old and 5lbs and sitting on the side of the road ALL day. So yeah, I took him home, but with the intentions of finding him a more permanent residence elsewhere. That backfired. It was love at first sight for Hubby. He is now 4 weeks older and 6lbs heavier (Puppy, not Hubby). He still has no name though. We just keep calling him Puppy. We did however manage to find Lucy the Beagle a home. I  hear she is doing well. I am waiting for pictures 🙂

Sorry for the tangent. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

Peanut, on the other hand, loves sleep. He welcomes it with open arms. He doesn’t fight me when I pick him up to go into the bedroom. He knows that is where we are heading and starts blowing kisses to say goodnight. His sleeping habits have been a little off as of late, due to milestones and teething, but nothing like we used to deal with with Munchkin. Peanut needs time to unwind at night, but he wants to do it in the bed. I am so fine with this. It is really funny and super cute. He flops down and nurses, then jumps up and crawls around the bed giggling and making silly screeching noises. He stands up and flops himself down. If Hubby is in the bed because he is trying to get Munchkin sleeping, Peanut crawls over to him and plays games with him. Hubby tries to resist, but Peanut lays the charm and cuteness on thick and there is no resisting him. After about 20 minutes Peanut will finally lie down and nurse and fall asleep relatively quickly.

Usually we try to avoid putting the boys to bed at the same time, but sometimes it just happens that way. Tonight was one of those nights. Peanut was starting to show signs that he wanted to go to bed, so I got a diaper and pajamas ready. When I went to get him he was following Munchkin down the hall to the playroom. They started playing really well together so I let them keep at it. Munchkin started “reading” stories to Peanut. So incredibly sweet. I think they hung out together for close to half an hour. The playroom is destroyed, but they had fun and that is what matters.


The boys reading together amidst a pile of toys


Moving, again

Today we will begin cleaning our new place of residence. We are staying in the same town. Moving our stuff will be much easier this time. Yay. I am happy about it. Like I have said, I do love my in-laws, but living with other people is so difficult. Especially living with parents. I have felt like I was 16 again. So it will be nice to have our own space again.

On a different note, an update on the puppies. They have been staying on the property. They get closed in my father in-law’s shop at various times during the day and overnight. Sawyer still wants to chase them away, so they can’t all be outside at the same time. The little black one is a ball of nervous energy. Munchkin got a little too rambunctious with him and got scratched in the face. Very superficial, thank goodness. It really scared my mother in-law. I wasn’t outside at the time. I was trying to relax for a moment because I had a headache. I didn’t have coffee today. . .  Everybody is okay though. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault. The black one is just still unsure of himself and needs some guidance. Munchkin is a toddler, so his listening skills aren’t up to par yet. Things just happen sometimes.