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A storm is brewing

A few drops of water falling from the dark gray rain cloud overhead.

The few turning to many.

Suddenly, it seems as though the rip cord has been yanked and the sky lets loose a deluge of large, heavy rain drops.

Distant rumbles can barely be heard over the steady fall of rain on the roof.

Soothing sounds that bring on sudden bouts of sleepiness.

The nursling toddler drifts off into a world of dreams.

As suddenly as it starts, it stops.

The quiet is even louder than the heavy rain.

The quiet pitter patter of a shower is still heard on the roof.

Distant rumbles can be heard a little clearer.

The sun peaks out from the clouds to see if the coast is clear.

A hazy steam rises from the warm surfaces.

Raindrops on leaves glisten like diamonds.

Hooray for Rain!

We finally got some rain this evening. Yay!

The plants and trees are thirstily drinking it up. Not quite fast enough though. Our backyard still managed to flood some.

I wasn’t prepared and so the goats got stuck on the other side of the yard and hid out in the dog house during the deluge. By the time the rain subsided some, it was dinner time for the goats. They braved the rain and gigantic puddles to run across the yard to the shed. They are much happier now.

The chickens are funny. The Reds have no problem with getting wet. Aside from hiding under the table during the worst part of the storm, they have been strolling around the yard. They are soaked through and their feathers are quite mottled looking, but I think they really enjoy the rain. Buffy and Rocky quickly took shelter in the goat shed. They are keeping the goats company now.

The boys played in an earlier rain shower. At first they weren’t quite sure if they liked it. They eventually decided they liked it and ran around and played. It wasn’t enough rain to create puddles, but Munchkin still had to put his new, red rain boots on. He loves his rain boots and wears them quite a bit, even when it isn’t necessary. Then both boys napped through the major part of the storm. . .I think it may be a late tonight.

I wish I had some pictures to share, but you know, it has been/is still raining. The camera would get wet. It would stop working. I would be sad if that happened. I could take an umbrella out, but it is also lightning, so I don’t really imagine that ending well either. Instead I will leave you with a pic of the Girlies (the goats) playing on the porch the other day.

Hazel and Willow playing “Queen of the porch”


Have a great evening!


Me time

Last night once the kiddos were asleep, I took a few minutes for me. It’s not something I do often, besides the 20 minutes I insist on every other day so that I can shower. I know, you’re thinking how gross.

We had all been out on the porch earlier in the evening enjoying a thunderstorm and there were still some remnants or perhaps an entirely different storm lingering. I love weather. It amazes me how beautiful and at the same time, frightening Mother Nature can be. At one point, more specifically when Twister came out, I thought it would be wicked cool to be a storm chaser. Obviously that never came about, but I do enjoy sitting outside during a storm. I hope to set an example with the boys so that they aren’t frightened of storms. I want them to have a healthy respect for them, but I don’t want them to cower under the covers like I did as a kid.

So, I went outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of the evening. I didn’t even bring the baby monitor with me! I figured Hubby was inside still and he could handle it for a little bit. Anyhow,  I thought I would share my account of the evening with you.

I walked outside into the twilight and was instantly blanketed in the warmth of the night. The sky was covered in clouds, but still had a dark blue hue. Flashes of colorful lightning lit across the sky intermittently. The fireflies flitted about happily, flashing their little lights to invite the others to join them in the night. Bats swooped this way and that feasting on the infinite supply of insects. The trees swayed gently in the breeze that squeezed its way through their branches. Rolls of thunder rumbled overhead. Left over rain still trickled down the gutters. The night was filled with the sounds of frogs, toads, insects and the occasional bird. A great symphony of night-time noises.

I stood there with my warm cup of coffee soaking it all in. I love the night. It is so loud, yet so peaceful.

How’s that for descriptive? 🙂

I decided I wanted to try to get pictures of the lightning. Amidst the flashes of color were actual bolts of lightning. I went in and got the camera and when I came out the neighbors two boxers were standing there. . . They aren’t bad dogs, just slightly annoying. They come onto our property and urinate on everything. The urine isn’t so bad, I can just hose off what they lift their legs on. What really bothers me is the steaming piles of poo they leave scattered about. I love to be barefoot and so does Munchkin. We don’t need to stumble upon a pile of poo with naked feet. Our dog doesn’t even poo in the yard, he goes off into the woods and does his business. So I walked them out of the yard because I wasn’t feeling particularly menacing. My shoos didn’t do much but make the white one think I was playing with him. He leapt and bounded around me as we walked down the driveway.

When we reached the end, I realized it was a much better place to try to get pictures of lightning. There is a huge open field across the street, duh. My brain doesn’t function well these days, lol.

Here are the pictures I got. Next time I will plan better and bring the tripod with me so that they aren’t shaky. Oh, and some bug spray. . .