My Breastfeeding Journey, Part 2

My newborn Peanut

My breastfeeding experience with Peanut has been so different from my experience with Munchkin.

Everything was much more relaxed. I had a great support system set up and I knew a lot more.

Peanut was a homebirth (you can read his story here if you’d like). After everything that had happened with Munchkin, there was no question in my mind that a homebirth was the way to go. It was really a wonderful experience. Intense because it went so fast, but relaxed at the same time.

When Peanut was born, there was no rush to take him away to get cleaned or weighed. I held him immediately and just let nature take its course(with a nudge or two here and there). I let him find his way to my breasts. There was no one grabbing a boob and shoving my baby’s face onto it.

I did have some nipple pain in the beginning. My midwife showed me how to use a nipple shield, correctly. It actually stayed on! I didn’t really like it though. I didn’t feel like Peanut was transferring enough with them.

I went to LLL that next Friday. My midwife scolded me for driving so soon, but I felt fine and really wanted to see them. We were having a cranial-sachral therapist come and speak to us. It worked out great because she checked out Peanut and discovered that the webbing on the left side of his mouth was tight. She worked on him for a little bit during the meeting. We saw her a few times after that as well and Peanut’s latch improved and my nipples stopped hurting.

We started bed sharing right away and he quickly learned how to nurse while we were side lying. This is still his favorite way to nurse. I didn’t leave the couch much those first few months. We nursed a lot. It was soooo much better than pumping!

The nipple pain in the beginning was really our only issue. He barely lost any weight. He gained weight quickly and now, at 7 months old is 20 lbs! He is still pretty much exclusively breastfed. We are doing baby-led solids like we did with his brother. He is still in the exploring phase. Figuring tastes and textures. Swallowing a few tiny bites here and there.

We will nurse as long as he wants to. I am really enjoying having a breastfeeding relationship with this little guy.

Now that Munchkin sees his little brother nursing, he wants to sometimes too. I let him. He latches on for a minute and gets a quick sip. Then he gives me a big goofy grin and says “Mmmm, nummy!” It’s really cute and makes me smile.

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