Awake, still. . .

I  was going to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. I really was. I had plans of crawling into bed at 1:30. A whole hour and a half earlier than I have been these last few weeks. It seems that Peanut honed in on this though and deemed it unacceptable. I have been trying for almost 2 hours to get him back to sleep, but as you can see, I was unsuccessful.

He went to sleep great tonight at about 9. I was able to watch my shows that I DVR’d tonight. In case you are interested, they were Glee ( I am a total Gleek), New Girl (Love Zooey Deschanel) and Parenthood (great show). I was able to eat a brownie and piece of pie-I know, go ahead, I’m a cow. . . Oh yeah and I was feeling like I didn’t have enough vegetables today, so I ate an entire bag of peas. I  never said I was normal.

Then I was going to sit down to have a cup of tea and watch a couple of episodes of an anime I am watching. I know. I am total geek, but I have loved anime since I was 15 and discovered Sailor Moon. That’s 15 years of anime watching.

Anyway, I went to peak at the boys before I sat down again because I heard Munchkin crash into the wall a few times. He is a pretty restless sleeper, so this is not uncommon. I got him settled and turned to check on Peanut.

Peanut has just entered the sleep crawling phase. . . When I turned around to look at him, he was crawling himself up the pillows.


I got him back in his spot and laid down next to him to nurse him back to sleep. I then proceeded to stay in bed with him for almost 2 hours. I finally gave up and just brought him out to the living room with me. We’ll try again in a bit.

Munchkin just crawled out of the bedroom. . . He woke up while I was in there because his water had leaked all over the bed. I got rid of the wet top sheet, laid a towel down and covered him back up. Apparently going back to sleep was not in the cards for him either. He crawled out of the room because that is his way of avoiding detection by Hubby. It is quite humorous. He gets on his belly and army crawls across the floor and slowly opens the door just enough to sneak out. Silly child.

Maybe in an hour we will all be able to go back to bed. Meanwhile we will watch some Gullah Gullah  Island on Nick Jr and I will drink my now cold tea.

Ah, the joys of motherhood. 🙂

On a silly note, while I was lying in bed with Peanut, Munchkin was talking in his sleep a little. All of sudden I hear “snake, sssss” lol. We were doing animal sounds before bed tonight.

Today he was using his signs a lot too. Even though he is talking well, I still encourage him to use them. It is good to have a second language and sign language counts. It will also help with communicating with Peanut while he finds his words. Just a few minutes ago, Munchkin was playing with his fishing puzzle and whipped out the sign for “help“. He hasn’t used that one in a while.

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