Just thinking out loud

Sometimes things seem so overwhelming. I sit here and think of all the things that I want to get done, the things that should get done, and the things that have to get done. Sometimes, it all feels like too much and there is no way I can accomplish it all. Those are the days that I know I need at least an hour or two just for myself. Time when I don’t have to think about anyone else’s needs but my own. Because, shocker, I have needs too! Who knew? ;p

It’s rare that I actually get that time though. Then I lose motivation and slack off. Then it is only the absolutes that get done. Like making sure everybody is fed and clean. I steal a moment here and a moment there trying to make up for the lost me time. This usually backfires though because no one picks up the slack for me. ( I seriously don’t know how you single mamas do it. You girls rock!) When I get out of my funk, there is twice the mess and then I am scrambling to get through it all. Oy.

Seriously though. There is still so much to do (on the larger scale) to get this little homestead running smoothly.

We need the materials to finish fencing in the garden so that I can actually enjoy fruits of my labor. The chickens think it is their own personal buffet and keep helping themselves. . .

We need to finish clearing up the back part of the property. It had been severely neglected and is really overgrown. Hubby has made a pretty decent dent in it with the big mower thing (I can never remember what it’s actually called). There are some stumps and small trees that need to be removed. Hubby brought over the chainsaw from his parent’s house. Immediately my ridiculous mind has to go to the dark place and bring up every horrible chainsaw image it has seen in scary movies. Have I mentioned my overactive imagination . . . . My mind likes to do that with any sharp object. Knives, scissors, etc. It’s really annoying. Anyway. Every time I go back into that section of the property, I end up scratching like mad because of dang chiggers. A serious pain in the ass, figuratively and literally. . .

Once we get that all cleared out, we need to get up a barn for the goats. I’d like to have a couple of kidding stalls and a  milking area. Plus I would like to have a chicken coop off the side of the barn. I guess we will see what actually ends up happening with that.

Oh, and we have to finish getting everything fenced in.

The big thing of course is finding the money for all of this as well as the normal day-to-day stuff like food ;p


Don’t take this as a sign of unhappiness. I love having my garden and the goats and the chickens and my family and the pets. It is all very rewarding. I love coming out in the morning and evening and seeing the changes in the garden. The chickens crack me up and their eggs are oh so tasty. The goats are so much fun and I am looking forward to kids and milk next year. The cats have been helping to keep the rodent population down. The dogs keep away unwanted visitors.

Of course the boys (all 3 of them) are my world. Life would be incomplete without them. They are a constant source of frustration and joy. It all balances out 🙂


One thought on “Just thinking out loud

  1. Think temporary fence, goats go to the back 40 to clean up your brush and weed problem area!
    Happy gardening

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