A storm is brewing

A few drops of water falling from the dark gray rain cloud overhead.

The few turning to many.

Suddenly, it seems as though the rip cord has been yanked and the sky lets loose a deluge of large, heavy rain drops.

Distant rumbles can barely be heard over the steady fall of rain on the roof.

Soothing sounds that bring on sudden bouts of sleepiness.

The nursling toddler drifts off into a world of dreams.

As suddenly as it starts, it stops.

The quiet is even louder than the heavy rain.

The quiet pitter patter of a shower is still heard on the roof.

Distant rumbles can be heard a little clearer.

The sun peaks out from the clouds to see if the coast is clear.

A hazy steam rises from the warm surfaces.

Raindrops on leaves glisten like diamonds.

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