Feeling touched out


Today is one of those days where my skin is just crawling and I feel like I can’t get comfortable in my own body. And I don’t want to be touched. I am soooo touched out today.

It has been rainy and gross out since yesterday, so the kids are a little crazy and super clingy. I am being used as a human jungle gym much to my dismay. Peanut of course has already nursed like a million times.

I just want to go hole myself up in the bedroom and take a time out. I desperately need a reprieve today.

Hopefully the boys will nap in the car when we leave in a few to pick up K from work. That will at least give me a little bit of quiet.

Unless Munchkin decides it is one of those days that he needs to throw things and hit Peanut and screech as loud as he can and just make the car ride awful. I really don’t like those days.

How do you handle these kinds of days?

4 thoughts on “Feeling touched out

  1. So sorry you are having “one of those days”. For times when I just can’t get a break to myself, but feeling like I am going to break, I use Rescue Remedy. I was skeptical at first, but when I worked with dog rescue, I saw how effective it was on calming stressed animals. It comes in gummies now too, if you don’t like the alcohol tincture.
    If I feel like that skin crawly feeling might be the flu coming on, I take elderberry syrup. Stops it in its tracks.
    Hope you get some alone time soon

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